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    Most posts on mmo-champ.

    Yeah, I just started the thread about the oldest mmo-champ account. I'm bored at the moment and thought it would be interesting to find out.
    However, I'm also curious about who has the most posts posted.

    So, again:
    I do not want to see anything about the Admin (Boub)
    Post a post where you say how many posts you have, and we'll find out who has the most!
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    Guy example: Dude! I had the craziest shit going on today, I was driving a car with chris and Catherina, suddently it goes all white and these small guys scan us!
    Guy response: What the fuck have you been smoking?

    But if you tell your girlfriend the story she'll hear this: bla bla bla bla catherina bla bla bla
    Response: Who's Catherina?

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    I imagine it's Elementium, he's closing in on 11000 posts.

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    Top 10:

    Elementium 10,918
    Dark Side 8,953
    Lysah 8,673
    Herecius 8,500
    Lokann 8,392
    Sunshine 8,387
    Boubouille 7,643
    -Dalliah- 7,430
    Ronark 7,251
    GennGreymane 7,232

    I believe this sums it all up.

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    I'm getting up there too!

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