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    Target arena parties macro help

    If possible, I'm after a macro that would target arenaparty1 2 or 3 and then cast a spell without loosing my target.
    For example, if i bound the arenaparty1 macro to ctrl and then held ctrl when pressing a bind for say windshock it would then cast the spell on arenaparty1 without loosing my target.

    Is this possible? Sorry for bad wording

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    From your wording, it sounds like you're after a way of casting at the enemy arena members.

    /cast [@arena1,mod:ctrl,nodead][] Wind Shear
    This will target enemy arena player 1 if you press ctrl, else work like normal. I assume you meant the shaman interupt spell instead of the npc ability windshock.

    If needed, you can go crazy and nest these:
    /cast [@arena1,mod:ctrl,nodead][@arena2,mod:alt,nodead][@arena3,mod:shift,nodead][] Wind Shear
    ctrl => enemy arena member 1
    alt => enemy arena member 2
    shift => enemy arena member 3
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    /cast [@arena1, mod:ctrl][@arena2, mod:shift][@arena3, mod:alt]Wind Shear
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    Would it be possible to do this with say, the number pad on a naga?

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