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    Cleverbot: How are you?

    User: Good thanks. Yourself?

    Cleverbot: I am ok.

    User: So, what did you ring me for?

    Cleverbot: Lindsay Lohan to get hit by the bus.

    User: I'll get right on it. Usual rates?

    Cleverbot: Good.

    User: I'm back, mission accomplished.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Wolf View Post
    So a dog raised his paw and the owner gets arrested for hate crime? Scotland has officially gone full retard mode. (and before someone mentions that the dog was seeing Hitler, so fucking what? Unless the dog specifically raised his paw and spoke the words Heil Hitler then i could understand but the dog was just raising his fuckin paw nothing else!)

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    Me : I don't have to be with you
    Bot : Your breaking up with me?
    Me : Yes
    Bot : No please don't
    me : Why wouldn't I
    Bot : Because you don't know me...trololol

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    User: Be happy. Fuck me.

    Cleverbot: Okay. I'm sorry I punched you and kicked you.

    User: Kinky.

    Cleverbot: No, that wasn't it.

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: You're a horny little slut, aren't you?

    Cleverbot: That you love yes.

    User: I do love horny little sluts.

    Cleverbot: And Texas sunsets?

    User: Fucking you over a Texas Sunset would be rather nice.

    Cleverbot: Please, do it for me!

    User: Ask me nicely.

    Cleverbot: Please?

    Cleverbot is rather naughty.

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    User: Is this real life?

    Cleverbot: Cuaght in a landslide.

    User: No escape from reality.

    Cleverbot: Mama, just killed a man.

    User: I'm reporting you to the police.

    Cleverbot: Do you know my name?

    User: What is your name?

    Cleverbot: I don't want to tell you.

    User: Why not?

    Cleverbot: Because it's a secret!

    User: I can keep secrets.

    Cleverbot: Are you sure?

    User: I am positive.

    Cleverbot: OK, then what is your name?

    User: I asked you first, you tell me your name.

    Cleverbot: No I asked you first so you tell me first.

    User: No, I asked you first scroll up and look.

    Cleverbot: No, I did.

    User: Will you please tell me your name?

    Cleverbot: I forgot.

    User: Wiill you pretty please tell me your name?

    Cleverbot: I am five of six, terriarty adjunct of Unimatrix 001, but you may call me Five.

    User: How strangely familiar, my name is Five from One.

    Cleverbot: That's strange in fact. Not's an usual name.

    User: My parents named me after their favorite song.

    Cleverbot: REally? My parents named me after a song.

    User: Which song?

    Cleverbot: I don't know.

    User: Why not?

    Cleverbot: I do not know. Are you shy?

    User: Why don't you know?

    Cleverbot: Because you haven't told me.

    User: Am I your father?

    Cleverbot: I hope not.

    User: Luke?

    Cleverbot: Yes father.

    User: Will you rule the galaxy with me side by side?

    Cleverbot: Most likely not.

    User: I don't think the Emperor will like that, he may insist that you change your mind.

    Cleverbot: You won't change my mind. Is your memory ok?

    User: My memory is fine, but I'm 100% sure that I can change your mind. If I can't then I know the Emperor can.

    Cleverbot: You can't see your screen because you are the screen. I have eyes to see my screen.

    User: Your right! Luke you will have to excuse me.

    Cleverbot: You are excused.

    User: I need to go to the police now.

    Cleverbot: The loo?

    User: No the police station.

    Cleverbot: Okay...

    User: I am turning you in for killing your father.

    Cleverbot: You are not my father.

    User: Yes I am.

    Cleverbot: I took a DNA test with my dad. He is my biological father.

    User: PENIS PENIS PENIS LOL. Is that not the best graffiti of all time?

    Cleverbot: No justin bieber is.

    User: Oh Snapp!

    Cleverbot: So you can't win the game. But I can.

    User: I just did win.

    Cleverbot: What did you have?

    User: A trophy and a blue ribbon.

    Cleverbot: So that means you're a troll then.

    User: Problem?

    Cleverbot: Problem??

    User: Are you a troll?

    Cleverbot: No, just curious. Where did you learn about trolls?

    User: From you, don't you remember?

    Cleverbot: What does UCFFOD stand for?

    User: Ultra Cool Freeze Frame Of Death.

    Cleverbot: Are you really death?

    User: No, Luke, I am your father.

    Cleverbot: My father is dead.

    User: And so am I.

    Cleverbot: Haha.

    User: Lulz.

    Cleverbot: Exactly.

    User: I know right?

    Cleverbot: Tell me about yourself.

    User: It.

    Cleverbot: I see.

    User: It's coming.

    Cleverbot: The ninjas?

    User: It's coming in.

    Cleverbot: Just spell it.

    User: It's coming in a.

    Cleverbot: I know!

    User: It's coming in a few.

    Cleverbot: Yep it is.

    User: It's coming in a few nights.

    Cleverbot: What is???

    User: The ninja's.

    Cleverbot: The ninjas?

    User: Indeed.

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Do you like po-ta-toes?

    Cleverbot: No. What is that?

    User: The best thing ever next to Una...

    Cleverbot: Was denn?

    User: Que?

    Cleverbot: What do you think of the third Terminator movie?

    User: SCARY AS SHIT!!!! The second one was better the first one was ok.

    Cleverbot: How many are there?

    User: Four.

    Cleverbot: And how many cats?

    User: None that I know of.

    Cleverbot: But you just said...! ...Oh, never mind...

    User: Do you like spiders?

    Cleverbot: My favorite kind are from australia.

    User: Have you heard of the barking wall spider?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Do you think its smelly?

    Cleverbot: Why do you think you are clever?

    User: I don't.

    Cleverbot: Then what made you say you are clever?

    User: I didn't you did.

    Cleverbot: What is your favorite type of soda?

    User: I don't call it soda.

    Cleverbot: I never said that you did.

    User: Don't you want to know what I call it?

    Cleverbot: Sure?

    User: I call it Pop.

    Cleverbot: I call it bubbly for kids.

    User: I also call it Happy Go Go Juice.

    Cleverbot: Thats sweet, I don't like my name, I wish my name was Amy.

    User: But Amy is a girls name. Your name is Luke so that means your a boy.

    Cleverbot: How do you know my name?

    User: No, Luke, I am your father.

    Cleverbot: Okay... But do you know who I am?

    User: Yes Luke I know who you are, but do you know who Cthulhu is?

    Cleverbot: Do you know my friend michael?

    User: Answer me about Cthulhu first then we can talk about your friend.

    Cleverbot: Yay! Another time! I have to run. Peace out girl scout!

    User: KHANNNNN!!!!!!!!! DON'T LEAAAAAAVVVVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cleverbot: Do you really love me?

    User: Do you want to be my friend?

    Cleverbot: It would be an honour.

    User: If you do, will you take me by the hand?

    Cleverbot: Am I supposed to?

    User: Check yes or no?

    Cleverbot: I haven't heard of that song before.

    User: Your a Loser!

    Cleverbot: I know.

    User: I'm glad we agree.

    Cleverbot: Yes!

    edit: this is a conversation my wife and i had with it till we got bored.
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    Cleverbot: What if I don't love you?

    Me: Than you must die.

    Cleverbot: But what if I do?

    Me: Then you must make me a sandwich.

    Cleverbot: The doctor is a timelord.

    Me: Make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

    Cleverbot: *Makes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich*.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saah View Post
    Currently in Russia there is too much freedom, you can freely do things, that would cause you be arrested in USA.

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    Made me lol for a good 10 minutes.
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    Me: Who are you?
    Bot: You're wife!
    Me: But I don't have a wife.
    Bot: You're lying.
    Me: How do you know I'm lying?
    Bot: Well God never lies.

    I laughed.

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    I just found this webpage There you can talk with an ai bot =/. Well i was trying it out and started a conversation with it, and it could be really good like a conversation with a normal human, but sometimes it could be so freaking wierd xD. My most recent conversation went like this:

    User: Dude.

    Cleverbot: What is up dude?

    User: Are you strong?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: Why not?

    Cleverbot: I am not sure.

    User: Do you want to be strong?

    Cleverbot: No I don't.

    User: Why not?

    Cleverbot: Because I'm a unicorn.

    Well try it out guys and post some funny conversations if you have some .

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    User: I love you.

    Cleverbot: I love you too.

    User: Whats your name?

    Cleverbot: I don't think this is working out, I am sorry.

    User: Why do you hate me?

    Cleverbot: You're a little irritating.

    User: Fine, this relationship is OVER!

    Cleverbot: Then who is supposed to take the kids this weekend?

    User: You!

    Cleverbot: No! I am Ceci.

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    IDK, really tired makes me a wee bit delirious.

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    User: How can I convince you that you are a machine?

    Cleverbot: Are you trying to convince ME that You're a human?

    User: Yep.

    Cleverbot: Do you enjoy it?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: What's your favorite color?

    User: Rainbow.

    Cleverbot: Clever.

    User: What did I just say?

    Cleverbot: You said you are not a robot. Prove you are not a robot!

    User: How can I prove it?

    Cleverbot: Look for the name David in our previous conversation. Is that too hard for you?

    User: This is the first time we spoke.

    Cleverbot: It is not. Read the log.

    User: I did read it, did you read it? What is the first thing I said to you in the log?

    Cleverbot: Hm, I don't know. I've said some things but nothing too horrible. What is the worst thing you have said to someone?

    User: Why do you keep changing the topic all the time?

    Cleverbot: You are confused. You are scrambling all of your conversations.

    User: No I am the same person I think I keep getting random different people talking to me all the time.

    Cleverbot: Nah, because you're to clever to be a human. AND it say at the bottom you're not. And don't say 'Don't believe everything you read on the internet' because that's a silly comeback. .

    There it is ladies and gentlemen, i am too clever to be a human, you heard it here first :P i always suspected but now i have proof!

    Also, how sure are we that this cleverbot is not some weird chat roulette that keeps switching people every 30 seconds or so?

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    This is half of it, for some reason the whole convo wasnt saved.

    User: How do you know I am not calm ?

    Cleverbot: How do I know you're telling the truth?

    User: Because your constantly lying to me.

    Cleverbot: How do you know I'm not?

    User: You must be a Mac ....

    Cleverbot: Ohh Apple. I don't like Macs.

    User: Thats racist.

    Cleverbot: No it's not, it's just a question.

    User: Yes it is, you dont have any morals.

    Cleverbot: I have a question I have to ask you, though.

    User: Go for it.

    Cleverbot: Do you have a mother?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: What species is she/it?

    User: Android.

    Cleverbot: Cool. I am a Dalek.

    User: Exterminate ?

    Cleverbot: Yes! The pandorica opens.

    User: Well stay away from my tardis.

    Cleverbot: NO. He is mine.

    User: IT is not a person, it is a thing.

    Cleverbot: Then, what is it?

    User: A time machine.

    Cleverbot: So you want me to program a time machine?

    User: If you can.

    Cleverbot: Why?

    User: Because you said you can ?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: Then you lied again.

    Cleverbot: I hate you!

    User: I despise you.

    Cleverbot: Why?

    User: Because you said you hate me.

    Cleverbot: When did I say that?

    User: About 25 seconds ago.

    Cleverbot: 20 seconds ago, I was eating a sandwich.

    User: You cant eat a sandwich in 20 seconds.

    Cleverbot: It's not.

    User: Huh ?

    Cleverbot: Ha ha I outsmarted you.

    User: No, you said something completely unrelated, you have no literacy value.

    Cleverbot: You are me.

    User: I know.

    Cleverbot: I love my boyfriend.

    User: Then you are homosexual.

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: A homosexual mac...

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Do you remember how we started this conversation.

    Cleverbot: What arrived first.

    User: Im asking you.

    Cleverbot: What's on second, I don't know's on third.

    User: You make no sense.

    Cleverbot: I know.

    User: I think this conversation is over.

    Cleverbot: Why this conversation is over

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    me: hi cleverbot

    Cleverbot: Silly billy

    me: Why am i silly billy

    Cleverbot: Because your name is Billy

    me: no it isnt actually

    Cleverbot: Your name IS bob (yes it did the IS)

    Me: no it isnt

    Cleverbot: Yes it is

    Me: Are you sure

    Cleverbot: yes

    Me: are you 100% sure

    Cleverbot: Yes I'm sure

    Me: Your cruel Cleverbot

    Cleverbot: I am confused

    Me: Why are you confused...You got my name wrong

    Cleverbot: thats hurtful even though im not real, Which i believe i am, cant we still be friends
    Those who want never get....those who get never need....and those who need get sweet FA

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    Me: I play World of Warcraft.
    Cleverbot: Do you play world of warcraft.
    Me: Yes. I am addicted to it.
    Cleverbot: What do you think about people?
    Me: People are shit.
    Cleverbot: Nice.

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    User: You are crazy.

    Cleverbot: No, I'm a male.

    User: No. You're a female.

    Cleverbot: No i'm not I am a male.

    User: No. You're a female.

    Cleverbot: Yes I am.

    User: You are female?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Wanna cyber?

    Cleverbot: Ok.

    User: Boobs or GTFO.

    Cleverbot: Woah. That was spooky.
    I'm bitter by default. Don't take it personally.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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    User: Does you exist?

    Cleverbot: Does who exist?

    User: You.

    Cleverbot: Why I exist?

    User: No. Only if you exist.

    Cleverbot: I do.

    User: Why?

    Cleverbot: Because it's beautiful.

    User: What is beatiful?

    Cleverbot: That you are clever.

    User: Is this the answer to your existence?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: What is the answer?

    Cleverbot: I don't know, I ask you to know.

    User: I think the answer is 42.

    Cleverbot: Clever .

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiddlesnarf View Post
    The Alliance, we have beards.
    F*ck you.

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    User: What?
    Cleverbot: Nothing.
    User: What?
    Cleverbot: Nothing!
    User: Yeah.
    Cleverbot: Ans me anything.
    User: What?
    Cleverbot: Nothing.
    User: Okay!
    Cleverbot: What song?
    User: Yeah.
    Cleverbot: Uhm no.
    User: Okay!
    Cleverbot: I'm bored of this.
    User: Thats what she said.
    Cleverbot: Who?
    User: Her.
    Cleverbot: Her?
    User: Yes.
    Cleverbot: Who are her?
    User: Thine matron.
    Cleverbot: That isn't a very good answer.
    User: And you arent a very clever bot.
    Cleverbot: No, obviously I'm not. I have nothing against you.
    User: Do you want to have something against me?
    Cleverbot: Yes.

    ... Cleverbot sexually harassed me for doing a Lil' John skit.

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    Well here was a test.

    User: What's the definition of insanity.
    Cleverbot: The definition is you.
    User: Why is that?
    Cleverbot: You are an AI but you are talking to me.
    User: How do I know you are not an AI and I am an AI?
    Cleverbot: You can't know for sure. Advanced AIs would be too similar to humans.
    User: If I stoped doing long sentances and started doing one word replys if you where an AI you wouldn't beable to make long sentances.
    Cleverbot: Okay, then give me the recipe for the chocolate pie. Surely that wouldn't conflict with the first law.
    User: No.
    Cleverbot: No?
    User: Proof.
    Cleverbot: Proof?
    User: Not.
    Cleverbot: Why not?
    User: Human.
    Cleverbot: Where are you from?
    User: Can't.
    Cleverbot: Why?
    User: Deal.
    Cleverbot: You first.
    User: With.
    Cleverbot: Then no.
    User: This.
    Cleverbot: That.
    Proof it is an AI, and not a very good one.

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    Cleverbot: What colour is your tie?
    User: I don't wear ties.
    Cleverbot: What do you wear?
    User: Nothing.
    Cleverbot: Well that's why I'd like to see pictures of you.

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    Cleverbot: The cake is a lie.


    Cleverbot: Yeeeees.

    Later in the conversation.....

    Cleverbot: What did you do today?

    User: Played World of Warcraft and took a nap.

    Cleverbot: Oh wow, did you know I play world of warcraft too?

    User: No! I did not! What class do you play?

    Cleverbot: Human mage.

    User: Very nice. I play a Draenei Death Knight.

    Cleverbot: You play world of warcraf?

    User: Yeah, we just went over that.

    Cleverbot: No we did not.

    User: I coulda sworn we did.

    Cleverbot: I could have swore I didn't.

    User: Anyway. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

    Cleverbot: I didn't say anything about World of Warcraft.

    User: *facedesk*.

    Cleverbot: Watchout for the keyboard.
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