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    Sorry, SOMEONE has to say it:

    Tell your warlock to put DI on someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tobberoth View Post
    Sorry, SOMEONE has to say it:

    Tell your warlock to put DI on someone else.
    In a 10 man raid, sometimes a healer is your only option for DI. Say there is only 1 caster dps (warlock) then your 3 healers (shammy, pally, priest) Clearly the priest is the best choice.

    OT: I have not really used renew in Cata at all as disc. What you explain seems like a great idea. However the time and mana wasted does not. As someone stated earilier in this thread, 2 POH are much quicker and will save a players life over a renew tick.
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    so i did the math and looked through everything, i put into account, crit chance, da proccs, mastery, haste... etc. and what i came up with is that POH beats out renew if you get 3 7 tick renews and 2 6 tick renews, its actually very close... i also took into account well what if you were just trying to heal up the raid and new that DA wouldn't be used, like for instance any encounter that knocks the raid down to LOW LOW hp with one big blast and you need to heal all up and they wont take damage again in 10 seconds so DA is useless... well POH still beats out renew although in this case its REALLY REALLY close.

    i did however do the math for 3 8tick renews and 2 7 tick renews, (if you were able to get to this much haste) and this greatly outweighs the heal per mana value of the 2.5 poh's you can cast for the same amount of mana... the trick is getting to this plateu of haste... so if you can get there. (and disc is the only specc you'll be able to get there if its even possible) then this is the way to go...

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