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    Hey guys, I am an up and coming PC GAMING live streamer looking to make a break in the industry. Although I am just starting up, WoW will be my main attraction and focus.

    I will be livestreaming every raid as well as on off times playing various games as well as doing other events in WoW.


    Tuesday 9-12EST
    Wednesday 9-12EST
    Thursday 9-12EST

    I will try my best to be as interactive as possible with chat and answer as many questions as I can.
    So, if you are bored and looking to listen to some good music at times as well as watch a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild go at it, join up!

    Thanks and if you are interested:

    P.S. First raid livestream is today in 1 hour !!

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    Bump, I'm streaming. H Nef attempts.
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    Pandaren Monk Spacebubble's Avatar
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    Sylvanas EU - Denmark
    1,957 should be streaming monday, thursday, sunday and some tuesdays 19.40 > 23:00 DS late end hc progress.

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    <Midnight Sanctuary> US - Stormrage
    Mondays - Thursdays, raids starting at midnight PST - Warlock PoV
    Raiding 8\8 H25, and whatever else holds us over till 5.0
    GM of <Recreation Society> - Twitter - Stream - zPets
    Blizzard QA (My views are my own and not Blizzard's)

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    Aftermath on Mal'ganis, world first 3 night/week 25H

    Dps DK pov 8/8H starting in just a couple minutes!

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    Toronto, Canada
    Stream Offline
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    Silly Hats Only on Kil'Jaeden 25H Tuesday-Thursday 10PM PST start time.

    6/8 HM Pushing 7/8HM tonight.

    www dot twitch dot tv/thexdutch2
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    This is the official thread for live streams of raids. That means no more new topics about it! Any new raid stream threads are going to simply be closed and pointed towards posting the info in this thread. We won’t be handing out infractions at first, since this sticky is brand new.

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    Streaming raids most nights, frost dk/mage pov. [email protected] GMT+1 7/8hc DS farm

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    Nicc - Fire Mage streaming 25 man heroics from 19:00 to 23:00 Sunday-Thursday

    Currently raiding in Echoes 8/8 heroic Dragon Soul World 90th guild World 33rd Glory Achievements, Also streaming pvp occasionally Always Recruiting Exceptional Players! 8/8hc

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    Dps dk - Streaming spine and madness heroic 25 tonight.
    Ps, nicc sucks.
    Echoes stream! Heroic 25 man raiding | Thargix dk PoV.

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    Riggnaros of Blood Legion started streaming last week and will continue to stream Blood Legions main, alt, and sale raids 6 nights a week! Usually starting at 1900CST!

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    Blood Legion is doing FIVE 10H Firelands sales runs tonight!

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    Field Marshal kur1's Avatar
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    STREAM LIVE NOW! 25H Spine, Rogue POV.

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    <Blood Legion> Optee/Bondd

    PoV: Optee (Shadow Priest), Bnd (Shadow Priest)
    Optee @ Blood Legion
    Apply today!

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    Be sure to follow! We will be giving away a FREE Blizzard store pet to a lucky winner (drawn at random) during raid tonight AFTER 7PM CST - only requirement is that we have more than 500 viewers at the time of the giveaway. Tell your friends! More people that know the better!

    My plans for this entire live stream are more or less to get the stream as popular as possible and allow everyone to get an in depth view of what it's like and what it takes to be a part of one of the best PvE raiding guilds in all of WoW. This will consist of anything from watching the everyday life and mindset within the guild to watching how we approach and tackle some of the harder encounters in the game.
    Ultimately, the stream will be a way for the general public to interact not only myself, but the Blood Legion community as a whole. Additionally, we plan to run events for prizes, and possibly offer the opportunity to raid with Blood Legion (thanks to the new cross realm raiding feature). You will have the ability to talk to several of our raiders on a 1-on-1 basis and learn from some of the best PvE players in the world.

    Also follow us @ for all 6 of our live streams!

    Also follow me on twitter!

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    Rogue PoV -

    You can also see the up to 5 other PoV's from the raid here -

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    Las Vegas
    Legendary Dragonwrath Mage Streaming 8/8 Hardmode Dragonsoul 25man Clear!

    Live Hardmode raids from multiple perspectives, Rated Battlegrounds(Hero of the Alliance) and Arenas from a multi-time Gladiator!

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    H Madness since we were silly last night.

    -stream over-

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