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    Streaming Elegon 10m Heroic MoP Beta testing Arms POV

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    [H25] Pwnanza :: Kazzak (EU)

    Streaming raids at 20h00 CET most days, be sure to follow the channels and watch for additional stream notifications for special events.

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    TM US #21 guild Killing Test Bosses

    Hey guys here's the run down:

    -HM Feng dead in 4 attempts
    -Wind Lord dead 1 of a select few guilds to do so
    -Protectors of the endless 2 of 3 dead 1 of a select few guilds to do so
    -Un'Sok p3
    -Stone Gaurdians - Strat perfected
    -Lord Ta'yak dead

    Come join us as we attempt to take down Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. We will answer any questions about the fight and give out tips to succeed!
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    HI guys,
    Streaming R25 MOP, holy paladin pov :

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    Streaming AQ20 lvl 50s only

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    Streams of <Defenestrate> of Blackrock US. US #27th. World #78th. 25man guild.
    Both Hakushi's (me) and Sinist's streams stream content outside of main raid as well.

    Our regular main raid times are 6PM to 11PM Tu/W/Th California Time (PST)

    Hakushi generally runs outside content including BWD and BoT 25man Heroic pugs at 8PM, as well as a Firelands every so often around the same time, and extra content occasionally later on.

    Sinist generally streams similar extra content, though not as much.

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    www.Twitch.TV/Hakushii Livestreaming Heroic FL 7/7 Sell run *Full clear* Right now

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    <Depthcore> - EU Ravencrest - 10HC

    We'll be streaming every wed/thu/sun in MoP, and keep an eye out for any broadcasts over the next few weeks whilst we start the channel.

    Thanks for the support, and we'll be hosting a number of great prize give-aways soon.

    www . twitch . tv / lakai_

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    Livestreaming 50 only Raid on AQ10 which has been recently buffed

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    50 only aq10 livestream

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    Nihilum is Back!

    Kungen is streaming wow again and remaking his guild
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    That chair is probably the most famous chair on the internet right now,

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    Please use the raid stream sticky:

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    Come for the funny, stay for the rage. Failed Attempt - Proudmoore (US), ended last tier at realm rank 13.
    We have locked in our final 10m spots and are going for top 5.

    Raid/Stream Times:
    Wednesday 10:00am - 1:00pm
    Thursday 10:00am - 1:00pm

    Challenge Mode Stream:
    Monday 10:00am - 1:00pm
    Friday 10:00am - 1:00pm

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    Tonight at 7:40 EST time I will be streaming my guilds clear of Moshu'gan Vaults. We currently the top 10 man guild on Stormrage, so expect a few kills tonight if not a full clear. Come in the stream and watch how we do the fight, our strategy, our combinations against the different bosses, and of course the yelling at each other for doing stupid things XD. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday!
    Stream URL:

    Remember to tune in at 7:40!!!!!

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    CD's stream is up, this week's puzzle has been updated.
    Gamer, Nerd, Physicist. What more could you want?! Well fine, I have a youtube: and a stream: I'm currently spending my free time with the fine fellows and ladies over at Death and Taxes.

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    Come watch Ascension of Earthen Ring smash bosses!

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    Kill Loot Repeat on Sylvanas-EU will be streaming our progress & farmraids through Mogu'Shan Vaults, Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless spring!

    To watch our streams, head over to and click on Live Streams on the left side & login. You can go to

    Currently we only have Rogue PoV by Krudor.


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    Are there new raids in MoP ?

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