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    High Overlord Susira's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Holy/Ret Paladin Clearing HoF

    Raid Leader PoV

    1/365 Yearly Challenge

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    Supermassive us5th streaming 16/16 H 7:30 est

  3. #783

    Streaming wow content:

    - Gold making
    - Raids
    - RBG's, Arena's
    - Random stuff

    High Quaity Stream that needs some feedback.

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    Keyboard Turner
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    Jan 2013
    E X O D U S on Aggramar eu 8/16hc currently

    warrior PoV 1080p stream

    Raiding days: wed ,thurs,sun and tuesdays 7.30 pm +1 cet

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    Dreadlord Callimonk's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    San Francisco
    Windwalker Monk from <Post Mortem> of Kil'rogg here. We're currently 12/16 HM.

    Typically Sun (Mon optional) - Thursday, 8:30 PM PST - 11:30 PM PST

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    <Ecology> Kazzak Eu 10/16hc
    currently progressing Amber-Shaper, brewmaster monk PoV

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    My guild's stream. Moving through heroics my buddy Kalarr (our mage) runs it. 25 man Blackrock US (horde)

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    heroic raids affliction lock pov.. raid starts in about 30 minutes

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    Blademaster lymitid's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Chester, NY

    US 5th guild, Supermassive, Resto Shaman (Lymiwinx) Main PoV and Moonkin (Lymitid) in alt raids.
    Normal stream times 7:30est-12 est sun-thursday and ptr testing when scheduled.

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    vizier dead!! amber shaper heroic progression going on now

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    Streaming the PTR testing tonight.Either Fury Warrior PoV or Protection-depending what the guild will make me play .

    ScrubBusters-The Maelstrom EU

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    EvilElite Stream

    EvilElite EU-Nordrassil Horde.
    10man raiding, progressing through HoF atm.

    Thursday 20.30-23.30
    Sunday 20.30-23.30
    Monday 20.30-23.30

    Protection Paladin PoV

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    Sick Sense - Outland EU PvP.
    10man Raiding,

    Raid Days&Times

    Sunday 21.00-23.00
    Tuesday 19.45-23.00

    Stream is up almost everyday though, playing WoW and other games.

    WoW - Disc/Holy Priest
    SC2 - Protoss
    <Sick Sense>

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    Doing all Mogu/HoF/Toes Achievements lol
    [A] ★ Team ScrubBusters - Currently recruiting. - Wowprogress - YouTube Channel

  15. #795 - LIVE NOW

    h hof clear with empress progression

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-31 at 01:35 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Destroyed View Post - LIVE NOW

    h hof clear with empress progression
    live again and empress is looking pretty dead tonight

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    What's up guys! Kanth here. I'm streaming all my guild's raids. 5 days a week 19:30-23:00 GMT+1 time. (Starting in 25 minutes from when this was posted)

    Currently progressing on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok heroic. (8/16 HC). I play a hunter in the guild <W H O> on Twisting Nether EU. We're a hardcore guild but we have a lot of silly jokes going on inbetween (sometimes during) bosses and raids.

    I'd be happy if you came to check out my stream and say hi in chat! Hope to see you there.

    Link to the stream page!
    I stream raid shenanigans, retro games and general silliness over at 3+ days, 5+ hours every week.

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    <Carried> US 22nd 10 man 16/16h

    Vixii, female blood elf hunter PoV

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    <Guiles Theme Song> of Magtheridon-US Horde, 10-man, 16/16H
    Currently doing MV/HoF/TES farm clears on Tues/Wed 8PM EST
    Teem, Hunter PoV
    <Guiles Theme Song> @ Mal'Ganis-US Horde 20-man 10/10M 8/10M, currently recruiting all

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