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    what game to play.

    i dont know what game i wanna play, final fantasy 8 or xenogears, someone convince me to either please i cant decide.

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    I've never played Xenogears so I'm kinda biased as FFVIII was one of the greatest games I've ever played . I would just play both games from the start and see which one keeps me going. I did this when I purchased FFVII, VIII and IX on my PS3 and now have 90+ hours of FFIX and maybe 30mins in both FFVII and VIII.

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    If you can't decide I would go with FFVIII. Arguably the best of the series.

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    FF8. Best FF after FF7.

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    I absolutely love FFVIII, and I dabbled in Xenogears. The most major annoyance to me in VIII was the magic-draw system but the idea of junctioning magic and GF's was a lot of fun. I'd reccomend VIII, but definitely come back to Xenogears after!

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