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    Bow Rogue, Varric, Aveline and Marril ripped through everything really fast on nightmare.

    Petrify + Archer's Lance and such pretty much gibbed any non-boss elite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runeforged View Post
    They haven't released any patches, at least the last time I checked
    There is a patch for PC. I have no idea if there is one for PS3 or Xbox but its worth looking into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakobo15 View Post
    Don't even need a healer for nightmare, insta-focus elite rogues+blood mages/qunari mages down (petrify + unleash x-class combos on them). Pull small groups out of packs by making your guys hang back and run JUST into view then back.

    Rock Wraith wasn't hard as such... just a PAIN for positioning.
    Yeah the hardest thing in the game is "trash" groups with a blood/qunari mage or a few elite rogues, if you can focus them down though it's not too bad. (although last boss somehow 1-shot aveline... was all O.o)

    Aveline - Bodyguard on fenris, 2 tanks. Rally + Turn the Blade/Elemental Def for surviveability.
    Fenris - No aoe abilities except spirit pulse, which you have to be fucking careful with. Rally + Might for imbaburst.
    Varric - Pewpewkachoo knockback shot is sex.
    Force/Spirit healer (for knockback resist, more cc & mana/hp regen bonus, never actually got spirit healer healing things) me. Primal specced for no FF aoe, stonefist, rock armor etc. Heroic Aura, Heal (for a quick heal if really needed), Party Arcane Shield. And Winter's Grasp/Cone of Cold are amazing

    Yeah you go through alot of potions, but the less you have it seems the game makes them more likely to drop. Also remember revive grenades
    And don't cheap-out on constitution, it's your friend.
    Just an FYI, Group Arcane Shield is...misleading atm. When you pick that part of it the bonus for you becomes 15% and your party members each only gain 5%. Whether or not this is intended I cannot confirm, I have seen some people say its intended and others say its a bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderboy View Post
    Hilarious, to the point, and correct.

    Thank you.

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    I think their was a post by Bioware that they would love to see someone attempt the game on Nightmare, solo. I personally would pick a rogue to do that. I can understand the frustration in you saying the game combat mechanics are not difficult, it's just the re-spawning of the creatures over and over that makes it hard. While it would be unique to see a boss, do unexpected things (i.e. glow red and blow up into smaller bits of himself attacking you and regrouping himself randomly)

    You have to admit even if it's the re spawning of creatures at least it's more difficult then it was originally. I'm sure it's not impossible to beat the game on Nightmare. I have seen some posts where some people claimed Nightmare mode is easy. It's just taking the time to press the pause before a combat and picking the right companions that can deliver the most effective ways to help you win the combat. (i.e. health potions, mana potions, etc) just think when you finally do overcome it. It will feel that much better. Personally I play on casual mode.

    I have no desire to play at the hardest combat. I enjoy the RPG aspects of the game, the storyline and the interaction.

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    Wouldn't say unfinished, just REALLY underdone.

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