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    FullMetal Nightmare

    I had the freakiest nightmare ever

    I'm with Edward, Marco, that dude with the mustache and someone else inside this room. Apparently Edward says that we can't make any noise or we'll get eaten alive. The light inside the room and outside( the room a medium size with tinted windows btw ) dim. I start "hearing" footsteps. There's a creature from the brotherhood series( the ones with the philosopher stone made bodies) that runs passed my window, and then another one, then two....three.....FIVE more. And while remaining as quiet as possible we see hundreds of these things run down the hallway, toward our direction. I few hit the door as the run by and I "saw" one getting torn up by those like it.

    THEN I happen to see some crazed scientist ( he looked crazed) pop out of nowhere only to get his ass eaten. So after a few seconds of silence after which seeing nothing enter down the hallway, wondering whether or not we'll get spotted, we quietly head out the door and try to find an elevator. It was dark but had some visible light so we could know where we were going. We find the only operating elevator that goes up and we hear an ambient breathe circulate the area.

    Now, we get inside this elevator, go up and we see blood dropping through the doors. At this point in my dream I start freakin out( silently mind you) just waiting for the doors to open. We step out and see some guy get dragged through the ceiling by his intestines.....

    And then I woke up in a pool of sweat. I need to stop watching Amnesia videos at night.
    EDIT: I call this fullmetal nightmare because every being I've seen was from the fullmetal alchemist series and blood on the walls resembling transmutation circles

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    Never had any nightmares of Amnesia, even though I am too scared to go to the basement at night now :<

    But the worst nightmares are probably the ones where you have an "intimate activity" with someone you hate or disgust.

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    Very unusual. I don't recall having any nightmares and I don't remember my dreams at all. I'm not sure if I would find that situation enjoyable or as disturbing as you did.

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    Totally odd... I can't think of anything about FullMetal Alchemist that woulda given me nightmares... Now at least... when I watched the original series four years ago when I was fourteen, yeah, I may have had nightmares back then. But let's face it, Gluttony was fucking creepy for any kid :X.

    Personally, if I were having that nightmare, I would want to figure out what my subconscious registered Ed as, and I'd wanna talk to him :<.

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