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    The only obvious thing here is the amount of idiots saying obvious.
    Every single year there is an April fools on MMO, people join in to see what bull has been posted.

    It's obvious because everyone knows it's April fools, come on people, go a long with the spirit and applaud the light hearted joke and laugh, everything has to be so serious around here.

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    Read it at 12:21 CST(US for those that don't know) April fools here now. Thanks Boub. Many laughs out of this one.

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    far too obvious don't really like it.

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    Holy fuck, this was almost perfectly written, almost believed it till I remembered it was 1st April ^^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorg View Post
    Just look at the classes on the diagram to realise its a april fools...come on anyone that actually doesnt dismiss this 20000% on sight needs their heads checking.

    Far too obvious shame really for the effot and time put into making it....

    Hoping Blizz can do alot better =(
    classes on diagrams? you mean using the symbol of warrios as "Tank", rogue for "Meele", Priest for "Healer" and Mage for "Ranged" to simplify the diagram? That must be the only part in it which is not an April's Fool Joke,
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    You can't heal stupidity.

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    For a minute there I thought the joke was that it wasn`t a joke. But letting one guild get a headstart like that seems hardly plausible.

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    It's morning and I didn't realize it was even near april 1, I fell for this bigtime and read through the whole thing thinking "shit this is going to make all the other world first contenders pissed off". Then I read the MMO comments and blushed. ^_^

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    Paragon should be on the design team.

    This "fight" sounds a hell of a lot better than anything they've come up with

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    It's really funny ! i cant stop laughing !(sarcasm)...

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    For what it's worth, the original story is stamped: Thu, 03/31/2011 - 22:17 — Jhazrun

    I guess I don't get the "April Fools" part of it, being that it is something Blizzard should already be doing. My reaction to Paragon's news compared to the Panda expac were night and day different.

    WTF!!! PANDA'S IN 5.0!!!
    - APRIL FOOLS!!!
    haha, you got me!!

    compared to

    Ah, about time they brought in quality testers.
    - APRIL FOOLS!!!
    oh...what was the joke?

    I guess if you are Ensidia is would be a good prank, they would probably be upset at the assumed head start. I would image if something like this did happen, the players involved would have to be disqualified to compete for world first as they influenced the design. Either way, I would think it would behoove Blizzard to attempt to hire one of the world's top guilds for this specific purpose.
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    hard job of designing new mechanichs.....

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    Though I know its a joke and a dumb on at that. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. Blizzard does have a hard on for Paragon.

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    we have been playing on Blizzard’s private Test Realm (pTR)
    I stopped reading here.

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    annoying 1st april jokes

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    I wonder how fair it would be, in the race to world first, if a few selective guilds were able to see and learn all the fights beforehand.

    shitz... April 1st =(

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    honestly they could've atleast tried to make this seam legit

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    i call this one a scam......applause to paragon for the effort they hve made!!

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    Amazing work for one little joke, hats off!

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    I hope Blizz copies some of their ideas.

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