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    Favorite Smartphone app

    What is an app that you find yourself enjoying the most on your smartphone, Android or iPhone, whatever

    My favorite on my Droid is either LOLdroid which is just like all the memebase sites all in one place. The wikipedia app just cause i love reading wikipedia when im bored. or, my Movies app, you can see whats in the box office, buy tickets for a movie, find the nearest theatre, see Rotten Tomatoes ratings for movies, and watch trailers for upcoming. these three are prolly my most used.

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    Algeo graphing calculator.

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    AVplayer for playing movies and subtitles
    Articles for wikipedia viewing
    Facebook app
    Wolfram Alpha for calculation

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    Sound Grenade.

    Great for break time in a room full of co-workers, or long lines at the grocery.
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