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    It was obvious; but I did get a good chuckle out of the last few seconds of the trailer :-D and really, that's just fine.

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    omg why do they always use good ideas as april fools jokes? I love pandas and want a panda race to play. Obv though you can tell the video wasnt made by blizz and isnt a trailer. lol
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    april fewlz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    To be honest, chest bumping in comments about how jokes didn't even challenge your awesome intelligence is a national sport on the forums. It's ok, I'll just hug all the haters on April 2nd.
    Can I get a hug now for not being a hater?
    By Blood and Honor We Serve!

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    Seriously, people still want Pandaren? Seriously, what ever happened to the good April Fools jokes? The Patch 1.11 Evil patch Notes is still, to me, their best joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punks View Post
    Sigh....You do know the point of it is to make it believable.

    Token down a notch would of been hella funnier.
    I'll reply to this one because it wasn't completely a giant troll.

    MMO-Champion has more than 1M visits a day, if I make something actually believable, it means I will create a giant shitstorm on the official forums and make the life of tons of secondary fansites + Blizzard hell for a day just because of a joke.

    I like the current format, people see the masks and go WTF for a minute, then they click the video and realize it's a joke and smile. Instant gratification, no consequence or terrible apocalypse everywhere.

    Plus I get to troll everyone when it turns out to be true in a few months.

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    also to add to what boub was saying, hopefully at this point people realize not to take "big news" seriously this day of the year. If blizz really wanted to cause a shit storm they would introduce real, major changes/additions to the game on 4/1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    April Fool? ... ok, I guess.
    too obvious but thanks for the effort

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    You are so awesome Boub =P.

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    Why are the Panderan the joke in like every April Fools joke. :C

    I hope they release the masks though. Hopefully China won't bust a nut over masks.

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    way to obveouse. last years pimp my mount april fools was much more realistic

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    This would make me rage so hard if it wasn't April 1st.

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    Too obvious, "Panda Mania!" gives it away hardcore.

    Happy April Fools, though!

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    mmo-champion is a bad troll

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    aw this makes me so sad i want pandarens so bad.

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    such a bad april fools im dissapointed with blizzard it is wayy too obvious

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    Quote Originally Posted by matherl View Post
    such a bad april fools im dissapointed with blizzard it is wayy too obvious
    You do realize that's not from Blizzard, right?

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    how much did you pay jack black to have him voice over ?

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    I remember the guitar hero knock off and 8 bit molten core, hopefully they come out with more than 1 april fools joke

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