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    I love how everyone says they'd love to have that dungeon in game when we all know they'd just qq until blizz turned on the lights since it's too hard in the dark... = /

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    i find that crabby to be as helpful/ annoying as the paperclip from windows OS.... WE DONT WANT YOU PAPERCLIP! GO AWAY PAPERCLIP!

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    The kinect garbage was funny, but after being bored and thinking about it, it would never work. If anything, Move and the PS3 are the better choice. All consoles have at least a 20gb HDD. Move is vastly more precise. Any kb/m works on the PS3 as well. PSN is more open than XBL, allowing developers more freedoms. PSN is free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpriggsTheWarrior View Post
    Obviously fake.
    no raider uses the default UI.
    I pretty much do. Except for a threat meter and a boss mod it's just standard UI. No struggle there.

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    I want Deep Dark technology! D:

    And Blizzard MUST implement crabby, he linked me to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawdie View Post
    And Blizzard MUST implement crabby, he linked me to
    And that's a good thing? :O
    My ears still hurt... Though I have to say... When I was checking today's news (because ofc blizz is known for its april fools jokes) I left Crabby last... When I read it it didn't impressed me at all but when I clicked home and suddenly Crabby appeared was the best part Really cool indeed good work

    Still remember pre-TBC the joke about wisps being the new race of the alliance (we knew about blood elves but not about which race will be added to the alliance at that time) and the new hero class later; the Bard whom you couldn't play with keyboard but it had a guitar to play ;p

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    "Duc Ulah, The Winged Keeper"

    Loving the Count Duckula reference... nice April Fools'

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    Blizz should implement Crabby as a non-combat pet that gives advice while fighting here are my examples of the advice it could provide

    Armor helps protect you
    Make sure you hold your weapon the right way
    You are doing that wrong, noob
    Try deleting your cache, WTF, and interface folders
    The GMs are always right
    If you are having a problem try checking one of the conveniently located fansites, or purchase and upgrade to crabby 4.1 for $29.99

    admit it you would love someone to have one of these in a raid

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    Greatest Paladin action bars ever.

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    Found Temple -> Lost Temple
    Fruit Smuggler -> Fruit Dealer

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    so far blizz is awesome @ april fools

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    My Zoology teacher had a classroom pet Horseshoe Crab named Crabby, once! :O

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    Finally a dungeon where my tabbard of the lightbringer would be useful.

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    Ahahah, The horadric cube app is awesome!

    Visagebook + Angry Imps = Wirt's Leg
    Catch Dotcom + Agro Town = Tome of Town Portal
    Wirt's Leg + Tome of Town Portal = Secret Cow Level

    Simply awesome ^^

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    Why ISN'T Tomb of Immortal Darkness a dungeon afterall? Seems like a pretty good idea.

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