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    Signature Size

    My new signature is below. i looked at the dimensions, and the width is 27 pixels larger than the max you post on the rules.

    I used paint to crop and resize the signature, and the 127 pixel width was necessary to maintain the Aspect Ratio.

    The file size is way below the max of 50kb.

    I was wondering if the 27 pixels extra is allowed since 27 pixels is barely any space at all.

    If not, i will remove the signature asap and find a better way to resize

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    My guess is that since the one dimension is too large, it violates the rules. I'd remove and resize it to be below the dimensions so it maintains the aspect ratio.

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    I'm sorry, but your signature fails because there is no sniper in it.

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    I think you mean the height is 127px

    nothing is stopping you from making it narrower though, the max width and height is 100/500 respectively, that doesnt mean it has to be 500x100 in order to use it
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    Yes, the maximum for the site is 100x500 as said already. I did however remake your sig to be within the rules. If you wish to use it, here is one for the dimensions 394 and 100, as for some reason it wouldnt format 500x100 correctly..

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