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    Animalistic costumes!

    I was talking to a friend of mine about the carnivals / Mardi Gras. The theme in our town this year is "Sexzoologic", and I'm sitting here bored, browsing mmo-champ, so I thought: "Why not post for some inspiration?"

    My friend is going to be a fox - clever and wily.

    So, have you been to any costume parties and the like with animal themes, what did you / would you go for?

    We have a few girl friends who can do a bit of tailoring, but should be kept rather simple

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    Dress as a Rhino
    Ask Chicks to touch your Horn
    Bow down before our new furry overlords!

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    Now we're talking!
    Pretty good idea - could also make for a rather simple costume.. Grey-ish, big thing

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    Why just 'a' rhino and not The Rhino
    Then you have an animal theme AND you get to be a supervillain.

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    That might be an idea aswell Two different costumes, of which I think The Rhino would be the easier, as that fits my body more than a rhino. Struggling to find the sexological symbol in a supervillain, though.. Beside the whole horn-thing again

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    Bunny. How much easier can it get?
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    There's a few reason why I'd keep away from that.
    I'm a guy, prefer looking at playboy bunnies as opposed to being a bunny
    Last year, some guys (rabbits) in some quite flammable material (don't remember what exactly), were set on fire, causing them major burns. Yeah, this is not really a reason, it could happen to anybody in any flammable costume.. But, my first point still stands, though, bunnies are feminime in my world. Not that my costume has to be "OMG that is so masculine!"

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    But you gotta remember, bunnys mate constantly (^_^)-b

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    Do it bunny style

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    A Tapir. The tapir 'has one of the longest penis to body size ratio of any animal'. Plus, they're cute.

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