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    Godfrey (SFK) as Disc

    Anyone has some tips for that fight? I'm grossly overgeared for heroics (ilvl 354), never had problem healing other places and I wasn't able to keep people alive there. I ended up apolagizing to the group and leaving.

    They were dying even while spamming Flash Heals during PI. The group didn't have a curse dispeler and they weren't able to interrupt it (it's a pretty fast cast), so I had to heal the 50k dmg DoT. After a while, 3 people would be afflicted by it.

    So, how can I handle that? Any tips?

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    a tank who stands too close to godfrey during his bullet channel doesn't allow the bleed debuff to wash off, letting it stack alot more than it should. the bullet curse is one thing and is able to be healed through, since that's the only real party wide damage. people who stand in the bulletstorm and don't run away from zombies fail. same with the tank if he doesn't allow the bleed debuff wash off every bulletstorm.

    or maybe, your tank isn't gear enough to take the 4stacks of bleed before the bulletstorm.

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    It is a very annoying fight without a decurser, thats for sure
    However its very doable, only problem is that group as to think for themselves.

    Tanks needs to use most if not every defensive cooldown he has.
    Same goes for the DPS, barkskin / stoneform / ect ect.

    Make sure you have Shadow Protection up, make good use of your shields and
    use Barrier. PS for the tank if needed. Keep PoM up.

    In short, use everything you got to get through the dot dmg. Rest is up to the rest.
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    If you don't have a decurser, advise your group that everyone should watch for interrupts. With an entire group looking out, I can't imagine they all miss it (in which case, your group is bad. Sucks.)

    Other than that, if the tank damage gets too high, he should be popping cooldowns. All tanks have plenty of them now. And the damage should never outlast every single cooldown or he's doing something wrong.
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    Before the change to Pistol Barrage, I just had everyone stack on the boss and spam Smite while keeping shields on people who get hit with Cursed Bullets.
    It's a bit trickier now, but here are some tips:
    -Use Greater Heal over Flash, it seems to be higher HPM.
    -Keep shields up (it's mana intensive, but you can always PI your shadowfiend {unless they fixed that}) on as many people as you can.
    -Keep PoM rolling.
    -Use raid bubble when 3 people get it.
    -Binding Heal is your friend when you have cursed bullets.
    -Divine Hymn to stack the healing buff up as things get rough.
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    It's a very easy fight as disc.
    First off: If you got ranged in the party, all stay on the stairs, just at the very edge at the top. That way you are above the pistol barrage.
    Melee are behind the boss anyway, so don't worry too much about them. They're ought to move as soon as Godfrey turns around to fire off his PB.
    Tank moves behind the PB aswell, to let the bleed-thing drop off.
    Keep shield up on those people cursed + Renew - usually enough unless they get 2 in a row. Use Heal or Gheal to top people off, never flash. It's too expensive.
    PoM in PB-phase, toss off your PW: Barrier if people are low on health and PoH (Get that glyphed, it's worth it!). With Inner Focus it costs no mana first time you cast it. Use that.

    I easily heal every single heroic, this included as disc.

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    i have to agree that healing this with no decurse is a pain anyway you look at it. Even with a group full of plenty of people to interrupt plenty still got through because the cast is so fast. even with dbm they still seemed to come up just short. half the time they'd say they got it interrupted but it would succesfully cast anyway. i don't know if its a lag/latency thing but at this point i just tell my group i can't decurse and have them burn him as fast as possible before i either run out of mana keeping them up or they die from the curse. seems like its the curse more often than not.

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    Healed it as disc when I barely reached the HC item level limit, back then I just asked everyone to use their damage reduce CD-s when the curse is up for a few seconds (I guess it does increasing damage as the time goes, like agony (used to?)). Then POM, shield, greater heal or penance as needed, and after the damage is scaling up, inner focus + greater heal. Usually thats more then enough.

    Usually saving pain supression for myself if things start to look bad. But again, I'm sitting on 353 item level and it's not nearly challenging anymore.

    My wild guess is that your group just ate up most of the pistol barrages, or I don't know...

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    ive never seen more than one guy affected by it at once. and this was extremely simple. pw:s, tankheal, heal, pw:s solved. at your gearlevel a single shield alone should absorb ~30k+ of the 50k dmg + you stack da. you could also save penance for bullet to stack up aegis/da quickly.

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    The curse does seem to be quite a nuisance. I've only healed this as holy so really can't give you much useful advice but what I can suggest is that you call out the druid or mage in your group to please decurse. I've had instances where despite the presence of a decursing class they tended to tunnel vision and we used to wipe (mind you this is back when heroics were considerably harder mainly due to gear limitations)

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    I've never had an issue healing it as Disc, even when I was still in mostly 346 blues. Godfrey doesn't hit very hard at all, so without a decurse(Yes, I've done it many times without a decursor...as well as mages that are too dumb to decurse), the main damage comes from the curse, but it's not too much to heal through. Just use PW:S and some greater heals and you should be fine. There's honestly not much damage at all unless your group is composed of Johnny Tunnelvision and his pals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onalesamkin View Post
    It's a very easy fight as disc.
    First off: If you got ranged in the party, all stay on the stairs, just at the very edge at the top. That way you are above the pistol barrage.
    No they are not.

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