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    Burning Crusade Best in Slot (BiS)

    Hello! Me and my friend is going to twink two level 70's , a fury warrior and a discipline priest. Now we are looking for a BiS list for Burning Crusade, but we haven't found anything. Anyone knows?

    We are mostly going to do arena, but we are gonna use the gear later to So please some cool and awesome gear D


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    Stuff from Sunwell I would imagine.
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    brutal gald?....

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    brutal on all slots

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    For PvP: Brutal Gladiator gear, I think you can buy it in Shattrath.
    For PvE: Sunwell items, the raid and vendor items are on Isle of Quel'Danas.
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    The PVE gear

    The PVP gear

    Filer for your classes to find what you need.
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    Basically, Brutal Glad and Sunwell stuff.

    Some specifics: if you have 4pc brutal glad, your offset piece is going to be the pants basically every time. Glad pants at 70 have no gemslots, sunwell pants have three. three extra wrath gems >>>>> anything else.
    Gems are really powerful. Some classes have a BiS piece from BT or Hyjal (pve leather belts, for example) just because they have 2 more sockets than the sunwell/glad gear.
    Some specs t6 bonuses are REALLY good with cata changes- look for these. t6 pieces for a 2set will probably be belt (glad belt doesn't have a gemslot, t6 does) and then bracers or boots (higher ilvl). gearing for the 4set t6 and the 4set pvp bonus is possible thanks to the 8-piece pve sets, but it requires some thinking to see if it's worth losing so many gem slots and resil from the Guardian's gear.
    Choose your profs carefully. Some professions that are excellent at 80/85 don't have their prof bonuses properly implemented at 70. Also don't forget that things like LW drums (and Riding Crops!) work at 70, things you arent used to using from wrath onward. Oh and you can't reforge things at 70, you (gasp) have to actually use the stats on your gear
    You need 61 Spell pen to negate the resistance offered by Blessing of Kings/Mark of the wild from a lvl 74 toon (you will see this if you plan to do pug BGs), you only need 43 spellpen to stop resists if you're sticking to lvl 70 PvP only. Definitely have at least 43.
    Resistance Auras at lvl 74 take 102 spell pen (probably not worth gearing for), and 85 spell pen at level 70.
    I forget the hitcaps for 70 and 74 but they're not bad too figure out. Sunwell and Glad gear are low on hit for some specs, especially for healers that have to reliably CC, so look for offset pieces with lots of hit, and you might have to gem for it (one wrath hit gem is like 1.3% hit or something lol)

    At the moment, the BiS battlemaster trinkets and the 2minute cooldown lvl 70 PvP trinket with resil are NOT IN THE GAME. Blizz took them out by accident and forgot to put them back on the vendors. You'll have to fudge your trinket slots with either a lower ilvl battlemaster trinket from the vendor in Shatt (takes a few months of farming to get the JP for it), some PvE stuff and/or one of the shitty PvP trinkets until Blizz fixes this... if they ever do.

    Damage output at 70 is INSANE. Resil goes in every slot.

    EDIT- if you want an idea, this is my resto druid. I don't quite have everything sorted out yet on live (farming sunwell for specific things off KJ takes a while, and obviously I don't have the trinkets) and I'm worried this setup will be too squishy, but it's a sample of some of the stuff you might be using. I'm also thinking of foregoing the spell pen and hit rating entirely if I find I use roots less than I did at lower levels. idk take it for what it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimand View Post
    brutal on all slots
    That would be fine for the priest, but I think weapons and trinkets for a fury warrior are best obtained elsewhere. Dual Apolyons from KJ should be BiS for your weapons. You are losing on resilience but those 3 red sockets make it pro. You wind up with a lot more AP, more stam, and quite a bit more haste by sacrificing a bit of res and a touch of crit.

    If your warrior is a human I might suggest farming you some Gruul for a Dragonspine Tropy. The other choice would have been the trinket from Illidari Council before arm pen went out the window, now I'd probably go with Steely Naru Sliver. Expertise and a 2k heal on command.

    If the warrior isn't a human then go with your standard pvp trinket and a DST unless the proc rate got seriously nerfed from what it was back in BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biohazardx View Post
    If the warrior isn't a human then go with your standard pvp trinket and a DST unless the proc rate got seriously nerfed from what it was back in BC.
    Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to increase your haste rating by 325 for 10 sec.

    It's not that the proc has been nerfed but haste itself is currently the lowest stat for warriors and any level.
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    That's true at lvl 85, I doubt it holds true at lvl 70. Haste loses out at level 85 simple because of how fury warrior mastery scales with strength and crit at the moment.

    Unless they rescaled the ratings from what it was at lvl 70, which I wouldn't know as I haven't bothered researching because it's irrelevant for me, 325 haste rating is an incredible amount of haste and when dwing Apolyons, which was the end game 2her at the time, it creates a massive amount of burst. It should roughly be 20% attack speed buff with less than a 30 second hidden cd. Iirc it should be more around 20 seconds. Meaning it's up half the time. There was a reason that trinket was arguably bis for physical dps for all of BC.

    Haste has more importance in the 70 bracket for a fury warrior using "end game" gear. Again though, that's completely depending on if haste is still 15.7:1 at lvl 70 or not.

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    It comes to 20% haste for 10 seconds. In the world of PVP which is where you twink for, raw output is king. Berserker's Call would be one of your best hopes and you would want to get it before ZA is upgraded to 85 status. Tsunami Talisman as well would work extremely well. Even Shard of Contempt would be better then the Dragonspine Trophy at level 70.
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    Beserker's Call 2 minute CD. If I had to pick one of the other three you suggested it would be this one because the proc is the most ap and it can at least be used at will. Saddly you only get to use it once in most 2v2 situations which is what this guy and his friend seem to be interested in doing. The downside of a use trinket like BC is that when you use it, the graphic makes it painfully obvious and they immediately move away if they are able.

    Tsunami Talisman has a 1 minute hidden CD and only procs on a critical hit making it's proc less dependable. Again, you probably only gonna see it once and god knows when it will finally proc. It was great in PvE situaions but honestly it was terrible in pvp other than the static stats.

    Shard of Contempt I didn't use as much because it wasn't that great for a human warrior using swords, but I'm pretty sure it's hidden CD was at least 1 minute. Again, see my reasons for TT, but at least you don't have to crit to proc this one.

    DST 20 second internal CD and last for 10 seconds. In a 2 minute fight you are going to see this at least 4 times giving you 40 seconds of 20% greater attack speed. The % for the proc rate is also much much higher than the TT or the SoC. Honestly, it's almost as good as giving him heroism in a 2 minute fight, even better than heroism in a longer one.

    CD's ignored, their burst potential as well as their sustained potential is eclipsed by the DST proc at lvl 70, even in a pvp setting. Even more so for a fury warrior using TG, with end game weapons no less. You are completely undervalueing haste when you are using the absolute best gear that was designed for that level. The idea behind haste is how it's value dramatically increases for melee the better their weapons are. However 360 ap was always gonna have a set value of 360 ap. 1% haste can have a dps value of 1 dps or 1,000 dps depending totally on gear and other buffs. Rage gen goes through the roof giving him more options for attacking and his white damage spikes at the same time. Couple that with DW popped and DST will win hands down against those other three every time. It's not worth it to try stacking haste in small amounts from gear, but burst amounts of haste like DST is ideal in pvp.

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