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    I just need some advice

    This is my first post in a forum ever :P so just delete if its wrong.

    I've just started after being away since vanilla and really early tbc, my bf convinced me to start again. I'm not aiming to be best or something like that.
    I don't care if I stay noob forever. Okay here is the problem. I set my mind to play heal priest and at the moment I only have one goal with my gaming experience!
    And that is to complete a bg and have a other survival rate than zero and don't get my usual panic.
    gear,spec and easiest bg for my char and me! i don't want to spend my time in a slaughter house!

    Can you give me some advice? hints?tips? but i don't want it to be to easy this is my personal achievement!
    maybe i just need a direction were to start..


    If this don't make sense just remove it. (:


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    1.Stay with a group

    2.stay in the back

    3.beware of whose in range of u and what their casting shadow word death countering a sheep and chastising a shaman before he or she can hex you.

    4.mass dispel is awesome in bgs when u fighting like 5v5 use it when u have a free global getting buffs like fort and mark of the wild off help a

    5.stop free casters whenever i go into a bg nobody is fear locking or stunning the healer on the enemy team or controlling the cc crazy class like frost mages who can screw u over if left alone. example: i was in a warsong earlier as shadow there were 2 horde beating on this shaman who wants dieing because she was getting healed by this priest. So like the awesome semi evil person i am. I silenced the priest dispel her fear ward and then feared her she used her trinket i used my racial i knew she was gonna fear me as soon as my racial ended. i used my fear ward and mind controlled her the shaman died like 4 seconds later. plus several ally were inc to save that shaman. If i hadn't controlled that priest we might not have gotten that cap so beware of little things like that.

    6.i guess what i am trying to say is have awesome awareness of ur surrounding. i have died a lot because of poor positioning in bg and in arena.

    7.priest are really weak against melee like rogues and warrior because warriors can break fear and rogues can use cloak to become immune if u are getting trained by either u need to find a frost mage or yell at your team. rogues have way to many interupts so just stay away from them and hang around a dk or warrior who can keep them off you.

    8.got a comment once in a bg "whats sads is a priest can stay alive vs 2 warrior i was like srsrly dude" but i play shadow so eh.
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