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    why are my holy priest friends running out of mana in 5 man heroics?

    i have 2 holy priest friends in my guild:

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rwina/advanced is one of them, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...nacor/advanced is the other one. sometimes, we run a few heroics with the setup fury/elemental/tankadin/holypriest/random DPS. (me being the elemental and sometimes the tankadin) however, both the above holy priest go oom every few trash pulls, and sometimes even on bosses (but we normally manage to down them). unfortunately, i cannot provide a log or a recount screenshot. also, both priests have the uncanny tendency to life grip me when they're low on mana, even if i'm not taking damage. their reasoning is that it gives them more mana to spend on the tank.

    how, could you give me any general advice? or do you need logs for this? or is this just normal for holy priests?
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    What spells are they using? Are they in the right Chakra states for the right moments?

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    This seems more like a spell selection issue than anything with their gear; although I'd do a thing or two differently with their spec/glyphs it should not be the make or break by any means.

    Merwina though has an abysmal amount of Spirit; that might be contributing (1695 as compared to Tanacor's 2362 in about the same gear level).

    Logs would really be helpful. That will tell us quite a bit.
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    1. Is their spirit high enough? Priests can have a hard time when they don't have enough spirit. If DPS are missing some mechanics sometimes I oom on heroics with ~2400 spirit. I notice one of the priests has 1700 or so spirit which is not near enough. He needs actual healing gear and not spriest gear reforged to spirit.

    2. What heals are they using? If they're using flash heal a lot they need to use heal and greater heal more instead. They may have not switched over from the wotlk flash heal spam. Another annoying thing priests sometimes do is spam prayer of healing so they can drop the aoe healing chakra spell, which is lackluster anyway.

    3. Are they unnecessarily topping people off? If the party is taking damage usually a renew and/or a quick heal is enough.

    4. The better geared priest could respec out of state of mind
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    If Merwina's struggling in heroics, it's not okay to tank them Wrath style. As a Shaman you should be using Hex or Bind Elemental whenever you can, to make it easier. The almost 1700 spirit for heroics is more than enough to get them done... when they're done right. That's about as much as I had first week, before the Holy Concentration buff.

    If they're having trouble in heroics, they may also be racing to try and keep people topped off, which isn't ever a necessity. Spell selection could be a huge factor here.
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    seems like it's not as much a gear issue as it is a spell selection issue. i'll see if i can get some logs. might take a while though.
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