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    Question Stat priorities for Holy and Disc Priests?

    My priest is going to hit 85 in the next week or so and I was wondering what the stat priorties should be. It's dual specced disc and holy, seeing as I prefer disc in instances and my guild is in need of a holy priest. Any help would be much appreciated, and any links to websites on this matter would also be very helpful. Thanks ^-^
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    Basiclly its like.

    Disc: Int > Spirit ( til 4.5 Raidbuffed ) > Mastery > Crit > Haste for HpM. If your mana is really fine, you can get haste if you want instead of the crit.
    Holy: Int > Spirit > Mastery/Haste(what u prefer really, haste is throughput with mp5loss while mastery is pure mp5 saving throughput) > the other one > crit.

    First renew softcap is at 12.5 Raidbuffed, which means 7.5 without aura/totems, 4.5 with darkness 3/3. Should care about it as Holy, as disc.. who cares bout haste.

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    Discipline has a lovely stat priority in the guide, by Spiritus. I suggest you read it.

    Holy is Intellect > else

    Else = Spirit (until you have enough mana) > Haste/Mastery > Mastery/Haste > Excess Spirit > 2h axe skill > Boxxy > Crit.

    The renew softcap is for bads. You want both Haste and mastery. Haste gives HPS, Mastery gives HPM. So you want both. What you want more of varies, but you don't stop at what you can attain in greens.
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