Spoilers ahead

Haven't seen this posted, so
Blizzard talked about the extensive phasing for Firelands, including an IQD-like daily quest hub progression, only it is now personal rather than server wide. Looks like one of the requirements for unlocking a new hub brings you to the updated Steam Pools, which is currently up, but not running, on the PTR. http://db.mmo-champion.com/q/29041/welcome-to-paradise/

A rundown:
The resort is under attack by Firestarters(likely agents of Ragnaros), you arrive, and douse the town through a small series of quests. The head of the resort tasks you with finding the culprit by blending in as a Resort Staff. You go through a series of quests to convince people you work there. You then question some guests and find the culprit. Upon finding out who it is, you are informed that it is the Twilight Hammer and they are likely opening a portal into the Plane of Water(http://db.mmo-champion.com/q/29064/we-need-a-boat/). You get on the boat and are phased - probably going through a scene like that that of the opening Vash'jir quest. The town is now under attack and you hop on the back of the largest Roc around(his nest in game is huge) and rain fire on the watery invaders(http://db.mmo-champion.com/q/29077/w...-dodd-wrought/). Afterwards the big guy is out and we need to kill him to save the Resort - oh, and the world.
http://db.mmo-champion.com/q/29071/m...-to-stormwind/ and the horde counterpart were added alongside this quest. Probably how you get out of there.

Something that I don't seem to understand is the fact that, currently, the Steam Pools is pretty small, yet you need a boat to go to the other side and kill 10 Twilight Cultists as a part of the series. There is no room to fit all that...at all....

So the reason why this seems to be for the Firelands hub is, obviously, the fact there are fire elementals. Another big deal is that that possibility of a Plane of Water raid was seemingly crushed following Throne of the Tides, but this quest shows that there is still alot to going on. It could also mean that you won't just be dealing with Fire in the Firelands? Perhaps some Twilight's Hammer creations and/or Water Elementals?