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    Buying First console Wii or 360 or PS3

    I am currently stuck at fort lost in the woods (fort leonard wood) for my mos training. With there being nothing to do I am looking to buy some console game. I have always been a computer gamer and never messed with consoles except for halo in college. I was wondering which console you would recommend.

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    360 fo sho', you will get tired of wii and ps3 is "meh" imo

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    Iv'e got both Xbox and PS3, i prefer the Xbox, but the PS3 is good for bluerays.

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    ps3, its also a bluray player in hiding

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    Advice: Make a poll. It would be a hard decision for me between the ps3 and 360 but when ever I thought about buying a console my mind usually went to the 360. Apparently Microsoft got my mind. Wii is not an option unless you're still hardcore into Nintendo.
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    PS3 Hands down
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    360 have microsofts backup, and the best controller
    wii may be fun, but far too many childesh type of games (fun to play with your children and/or wife/gf)
    Ps3 has the superior power out of the 3, but the controller honestly sucks.

    I would vote for a ps3 though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chodokal View Post
    Advice: Make a poll
    ^ This. Go with 360, it's a lot more diverse with the games. PS3 is more limited with games but it has a BluRay Player.

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    I have a 360, love it.

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    I bought a 360 and regret the decision. It died a couple times, and I was never awed with the game selection.

    Go for PS3 if you want to game, go for Wii if you wanna have something to do when you chill with friends. Both are great

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    Played both a ps3 and a xbox360 since release, if you want a console for gaming and great internet use go with the 360. Live is much better than the ps3 internet hands down. For me a PS3 is a glorified dvd player. A couple of good titles here and there but there's much better exclusives than ps3.

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    360 and PS3 are pretty much on equal ground these days. I tend to favor microsoft over sony and since I use the xbox for netflix I don't really miss the blu-ray player.

    So xbox gets my vote, though as long as you know what you're getting either is fine. The Wii is really the odd man out and should only be purchased for those who also entertain with their console (kids, gf, friends who don't like "serious games", etc.)
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    as a owner of both ps3 and 360 i can say its a toss imho. 360 right now has a lot of 3rd party support, yet the downside is that you will eventually have to replace or send in the 360 to be repaired. (i still have the original 60gb ps3 hasnt given me one problem) ps3 still has some good games on it and sony online is a great way to get free games (if ya know another ps3 owner).
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    Depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you're the competitive/shooter/multiplayer kind of gamer, 360 hands down. If you're more of a casual/gimmicky/lighthearted kind of gamer, a Wii would be pretty good. If you're more of a single-player/action/rpg type gamer, then the PS3.
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    I've had 1 PS3 since release...
    I've had 5 Xbox 360s since release...
    Take from that what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surrounded View Post
    ^ This. Go with 360, it's a lot more diverse with the games. PS3 is more limited with games but it has a BluRay Player.
    It's more like the exact opposite. But what kind of console you would want depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you pretty much only wanna use your console for online gaming, xbox live is far superior to PS3. But if you're more casual with that kind of stuff, and just want an overall good console with lots of good features, go for the PS3. And when it comes to Wii...just stay the heck away from it.

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    360 with kinect etc tho gold membership = pay, but hey what you dont have to pay these days

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    Wii is for not so serious fun time, PS3 if you just play single player titles and Blu Ray's and Xbox 360 if you play any online / multiplayer titles as Xbox live owns sony's weak network. All 3 have pros and cons as you can see above just take the one that suits your needs.
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    The wii is only fun if you have a lot of people to play games with often (like...they come to your house and chill, not online gaming)
    which is better of PS3 and xbox, well it depends on what exactly you're after in a game system

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    I'd say PS3. Had it since the first day, really great games for the amount for it. I'd also say that it has it's counters to the known 360 titles. Like Halo and Resistance.

    Wii gets boring after a while, own one and only used it for a month or two. The games get very, very repetitive.

    I don't own a 360, but when I played one it was very fun, even though I've only played one game. Don't have a lot to say about it's benefits because I don't own one so....:P. But if you get a 360, you will have to replace it after a while over the Red Ring of Death X.x.

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