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    Quote Originally Posted by Emothianes View Post
    360 and PS3 are pretty much on equal ground these days. I tend to favor microsoft over sony and since I use the xbox for netflix I don't really miss the blu-ray player.
    The PS3 Netflix is far better than the xbox one. You can't even search for something on the xbox. Not only is the interface much better, but last I checked the xbox can't stream HD Netflix where the PS3 can. As well as you don't have to pay for a bullshit "Gold" online membership to use Netflix on the PS3.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crokey View Post
    You know you just wrote 7 paragraphs about some people you have never met, playing a computer game in a way you disagree with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romandix View Post
    Wii is for not so serious fun time, PS3 if you just play single player titles and Blu Ray's and Xbox 360 if you play any online / multiplayer titles as Xbox live owns sony's weak network. All 3 have pros and cons as you can see above just take the one that suits your needs.
    Portal 2 for PS3, you will be able to play online with PC/Mac/PS3 gamers.
    Portal 2 for 360, you will be able to play online with 360 gamers.

    DC Universe exists for PS3 but not for 360.
    PS3 got a better selection of games overall, the 360 games are just halo and other shooters while on the PS3 you get shooters, the best car simulation, RPGs, Japanese RPGs and more.

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    I don't own any of them. But out of the ones, I played, I preferred the 360.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Frank View Post
    If we do win, he can rub anything he wants in my face.

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    Wii has shit games, PS3 has no games, so you gatta choose 360.

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    I'd go with the PS3. The Xbox360 has a larger online community if that tickles your pickle, but the PSNetwork is free. Exclusive titles for both are pretty good aswell. Most multi-platform titles run "smoother" on the Xbox. (Bayonetta comes to mind).
    My main reasoning for picking a PS3 is purely for the controller, grew up with it, got used to it, can't live without it.

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    go with the 360, better and more variety of games

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    Don't bother with the wii now that both ps3 and xbox have their movement addons. It comes down to what you are going to do. If you plan on not really playing online much I would go with the ps3 but if you like online a lot I would go with xbox as it has a much bigger community. That's not to say it's better but xbox was much cheaper for a long time so a lot of people have one. But another thing about online play is you will have to pay a little extra to play online monthly with xbox it's not really a whole lot but it does add up and personally I really don't see much of a difference between online quality between ps3 and xbox as that is one of the xbox fanboys way of defending paying to play online.

    Also with xbox with some games you will get DLC a month or so earlier because microsoft makes deals with game companies to get them first. They both have their pros and cons I somewhat prefer the xbox for online play but I like playstations feel.

    Oh and as for games I really don't see much difference...most games that xbox has ps3 has an equiv cept for halo and I don't mind that that game is boring anyway.
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    360 is probably what you want if you want a lot of games from a console since the 360 has the most backing from what i have seen, or you could use the ps3 if you want a blu ray player as well as a console

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    1. 360
    2. PS3
    x. Wii
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
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    I have a PS3 and I love it. I really don't mind the 360 at all it's a fine system. But I love not having to pay extra money just to use the better 360 network. PS3 just connect through wifi and good to go. And it's nice being able to stream HD stuff through the PS3. And then of course you save money by it doubling as a Blu Ray player. I don't have any Blu Ray movies because I don't really care about seeing some movies in BR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voodookiller View Post
    360 with kinect etc tho gold membership = pay, but hey what you dont have to pay these days
    The Playstation Network. You don't have to pay for that...
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    Personal opinion: PS3

    There's only 1-2 games on 360 that I'd like to play and the Wii honestly got boring after a while (besides, I played Mario so much on N64 that if I hear another "Wahoo!" I'm going to go crazy). I've got about 13 games in my physical library for my PS3, and about 10-15 others in my digital library that I bought off the PSN, most of them for 5-10 dollars, several of them PS1 classics. And that's only what I can afford because I'm poor and can't buy all the games I want to.

    Neutral assessment: it depends on what kinds of games you like. PS3 and 360 both have pretty extensive libraries. Wii has a big selection, but it's meant more for family gaming, so most of the games (with some exceptions, of course) are going to be pretty kid-friendly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skullmaster View Post
    The Playstation Network. You don't have to pay for that...
    No, but you do have to pay for PSN+, which gives you free games, big discounts, and... by the time you're done using it to its fullest, you save more money than you spent on it (at one point, you could spend I think it was 30-40 dollars on a one-year subscription, and they had a 20 dollar game up for free for PSN+ users at the time. Now just land a couple more deals like that, and you've made your money back and then some...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullmaster View Post
    The Playstation Network. You don't have to pay for that...
    And look how much it sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychos View Post
    I've had 1 PS3 since release...
    I've had 5 Xbox 360s since release...
    Take from that what you want.
    They have fixed the red ring of death problem, if you get a red ring of deah now its a critical system error.. and that rarely happens now.

    OT: Go xbox 360, you'll get the map packs and DLCs 1 month before the ps3 users etc cos microsoft is awesome in a way..

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    Stear clear of the Wii to be honest. I've had one since it came out and I could easily do without. Its graphics are horrible in comparison, its games are lacking and with Kinect and Move there's nothing unique about it anymore either. All I use it for these days is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is a freaking awesome game played with friends, but that's the only positive thing I can say about the console.
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    Do you own a Blu-ray player/enjoy Halo?

    Yes? Get a 360.

    No? Get a ps3.

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    I have all three systems. I mainly prefer Xbox 360 for Playing Games and Ps3 for Movies and maybe some exclusive titles (Killzone 3, Grand Turismo i.e.). The Wii is eh... Got for Christmas years back and it was fun, but there isn't any 'cool' games on it, graphics are eh, and its a little kid system so the kitties don't bother with Real Graphics they like Cartoonish detaisl.

    Mainly I choose the Xbox 360 is because, it is more user friendly when trying to invite your friends to games, movies etc. Also their VoIP is really good, the Ps3's VoIP is pretty bad cause of the whole Bluetooth headset (shit sucks, picks up any noise in the house.). There are more people on the 360 to play with, oh yea did I tell you I prefer their remote control than the Ps3's... Cool shit too is well, all three systems have this now... You can get bootleg games!, the 360 is to flash your drive to read them, the homebrew shit for Ps3 and Wii..

    If you're planning just to play games and not wanting to step to online and not really a movie person, I say go with the Xbox 360 (go get it flashed!) May be too much work but it's totally worth it, especially you can torrent the games or find the games from dedicated websites that distribute the game thru file sharing sites (Megaupload etc..) Hell, I can get games almost 1-2 week before they are released. Remember.. You're saving money. lots of it...

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    You really wanna know?
    PS3 if you ask me.

    I'm Asian and Sony is asian product so I guess I'm just being bias. I own a PS3 myself and I love it, so that gives it a plus. xD
    "When did you forsake yourselves?"

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    I work in a GAME shop and get asked this question everyday! First thing you need to ask yourself is: what games do you want to play? If it's Mario then you need a Wii if it's anything else PS3 or 360 as Kinect and Move are essentially Wii add ons for those consoles! So next question: what do your friends have? If you want to play with your mates you need to have the same console that they do. If it's even split or you dont have any friends: Are there any console exclusives you want to play? There is no point buying an Xbox if you want to play Demon's Souls and no point buying a PS3 if you want to play Halo! Yes PS3 is a better bit of kit and yes Xbox Live is stronger than PSN but at the end of the day it all boils down to the games you want to play! Most come out on both but some will be exclusive. If at the end of all this it's still even stevens, how much money do you have? PS3 is going to cost you more up front but PSN is free so what ever 360 deal your looking at add another £40 for a year of live. If you still dont know after all this... flip a coin or buy both!

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