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    I own all 3 systems and the 360 is my favorite. I have only had the red ring once on the original launch 360 but have recently gotten my 3rd one for the elite (was mad bout 5 months later the new one came out lol).

    I also have a launch ps3 (I dont prefer the newer ps3's as they removed the backwards compatibility so you will still need a ps2 if you want to play your old games) and I have really only played MGS4, there have not been any other games to catch my eye (Im not a fan of killzone and god of war, and I hated the 1st Resistance and never played the second).

    also I have always had trouble with the ps3 online so i prefer to pay my $50 a year to xbox for their online.

    Wii is fun for some games like supersmash, mario, zelda and what not but not really a priority.

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    Dunno why everyone whines about Wii tbh. Got all 3 consoles here at home, and overall the best quality singleplayer games came out on Wii. I'm not a shooter fan myself, but if you want to go play a shooter 24/7 and play online you should buy a 360 or PS3, i should recommend you just to look at which controller fits you the best. For the rest not much difference except for some exclusives. Overall the best games on 360/PS3 will come out on PC so if you don't prefer playing shooters online i should definitely recommend you to buy a Wii. You really gotta love Zelda, Mario or Metroid. Really.

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    What do your friends own?

    If the majority is Xbox then go Xbox; if the majority is PS3 then go PS3.

    Personally, I'm steering clear of Sony until they stop fucking about with what they think the consumer can do with the device they purchased. But that's a whole different topic.
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    PS3 is free online, 360 is not.

    360 gets DLC exclusives, PS3 does not.

    I own both. I personally prefer the PS3, though I'm a Metal Gear Solid/Killzone fan. Unfortuantely, some companies (Treyarch) will neglect the PS3 with 360 ports. The PS3 is possibly the more powerful system, and it has the blu-ray advantage. I prefer the PS3 controller to the 360 controller, but I've been playing with that type of controller since 1998.

    I did buy the 360 when it came out, but definitely have spent more time on the PS3. The PSN (chat, friend features) is nowhere near as good as Xbox Live, but as I said above - it's free.

    For deciding - are you willing to pay to play online? If the answer is no - PS3. If it is yes then you look at the games you are going to get. Are you looking at any console exclusives? Are you happy with just DVD or do you ever think you'll watch Blu-ray?

    I don't know about the new 360 consoles (I have a launch model) but on the launch one there was no HDMI support and no wireless support. You also needed a special battery pack/charger for the controller or you'd have to use normal batteries. PS3 includes all of that.

    The PS3 is quieter and from what I've heard is far more reliable. I, thankfully, have yet to experience any real unreliability in either console.

    As far as performance goes, they both perform the same really.

    It's really down to what games you want. I'd personally choose the PS3.

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    If you don't have blue-ray player and don't want to pay for online play, get a PS3, otherwise I would get a 360.
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    The xbox has a great online service, great controllers (I've never liked the Playstation controllers for anything but RPGs) and great games. Only games I feel I'm missing out on are metroid/zelda/mario on the wii and inFamous+Gran Turismo on the PS3.

    The wii is great for playing drunk bowling, but if you have a nice tv-set and plan on spending lots of time with it I'd go with the x360 or possibly the PS3 if you really want its exclusive games

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    I have all three. If I was only allowed one and had to give back two, I'd keep the 360 without a second thought.

    This is coming from someone raised on Nintendo who was also a Sony fangirl with the PS1 and PS2.

    Yea, I think the 360 is still that much better.

    I've seen people complain about the red ring of death. Microsoft will replace it if you're still under warranty. If you're not, you can wrap it in a towel, set it on top of a box, let it overheat, and then it's fine for a good while.
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    God of War, PS3.

    /discussion over


    Edit: I think really though it comes down to what types, or specifically if you know, what games/types you'll be wanting to play, and what type of setting. Like if you know there's going to be a lot of other ppl around and they just wanna be all "LOLMARIO PARTY", hey I've seen some strange tastes in gamers of every age, then you should prolly get a Wii. Again though, it really should center around what games you're wanting to play, since really, those three consoles tend to have more focused game genres.
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    I dunno why but every American people will tell you to go for xBox360 :S

    PS3 is a lot better (better hardware, can read Blue-Ray, don't have to pay to play online, IMO better titles, and Sony > Microsoft). Kinect is for very very casual gamers, so it's worthless lol ....

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    Look up games for each console, pick the one one with games that appeal to you the most, done
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    ps3 if you like shitty controllers and never wanna play an FPS game with any type of precision

    get a 360.
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    If you only play with friends for some fun: Wii
    If you wanna play online and proper FPS: 360
    If you want varied games (eg. asian style adventure games à la devil may cry): get a ps3

    I got all 3 consoles but im a playstation fanboy as it was my first console (after nintendo). I enjoy the ps3 the most. Blueray player for free is nice too and its alot less noisy than the xbox. Dont know if the newer xboxes are less noisy, but mine is freaking loud and its annoying. I dont think I've ever played Wii on my own tbh, its really just a console to be silly with friends.
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    PS3. I have both, and I prefer the PS3, you get just about all the games xbox get's, and amazing exclusives like killzone, LBP2 and uncharted 2.

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    As many have told it depends what kind of games you wanna play, and what youre friends have.

    +Dont have that many good titles as the xbox and ps3 i think. But it have some realy nice gems.
    +great party / family games for a quick fun time.
    +The old school games zelda and mario
    -Graphics abit outdated compared to xbox and ps3.
    -Online part is bad.

    Overall a good machine for the more casual gamer that want some fun party games, but if youre more to serious games ( or well not cartoonish at least ) ill stick to a xbox / ps3.


    +Great online parts.
    +the joypad is nice but a minus is it use batteri compared to ps3 recharge.
    +/- kinect. A fun device but i doubt there will come nice games for it.
    +if you like shooters.
    -online cost money, where ps3 is free.
    -microsoft treats developers bad and many are moving to ps3 or multiplatform.

    A nice machine no doubt, but its most if you like games with guns and playing serious online.


    +The best game library of the 3, alot diffrent genres.
    +Future wise the best exclusives games atm.
    +by far the best of the 3 as a -do it all machine- for hearing music / watching movies / browsing the net.
    +a great community.
    +/- ps move is better than wii remote but theres no good games for it.
    +Chargeable joypads
    -No cross game chat

    My favorite. Future wise the best deal atm. Many good games upcomming and a nice machine for everything.

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    i love the playstation 3

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    Xbox 360 easily wins. Costs less (or the same, once you factor in xbox live or any peripherals etc), has a much larger variety of games (unless you want to play PS1 titles), xbox live is significantly better than psn, xbox gets all the exclusive/early access to content for games, the controllers are much better and despite all the 'it'll die in a week' comments above, the new Xbox's have a lower fail rate than the PS3. Every generation of PS3 loses something it's predecessors had (backwards compatibility, ports etc), whereas every generation of xbox gains something new (built in wi-fi, more ports, larger harddrive).

    I do own both, but my PS3 just plays DVD's in the spare room, is lent out to friends or gathers dust. I really want it to kick ass since I paid a lot of money for it, but other than Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and FF13 I've barely touched it, whereas my xbox has seen probably over 60 games played heavily.

    Finally, if you're american, there are twice as many xbox's sold in america than there are PS3's, so you're twice as likely to have friends to play games with on the xbox.

    Viva le Xbox!
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    don;t waste your money on a shit Wii i had 1 and iam glade i got a ps3 now.
    the grappix on the ps2 is way better than the wii ( yes i said ps2 cos compared to the ps3 is it off the scale)
    i recommend you buy a ps3 or xbox 360.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XeoZin View Post
    -microsoft treats developers bad and many are moving to ps3 or multiplatform.
    Proof? Curious how things like 'best exclusives' and 'great community' are judged. Also amused that things like 'chargeable joypads' are a + for the playstation 3... you do know xbox has these (since launch) too, right?
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    PC: i5 4670k @ 4.4GHz // GTX 970 // 16GB DDR3 // 750GB Samsung 840 EVO // 3x 27" 1440p
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it. - H. Ford

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
    has a much larger variety of games
    Are you joking? It has the worst variety of games, only thing it does well is FPS
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