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    Quick trinket comparison

    Holy priest:

    Just got heroic witching hourglass, now I need to decide which of my old trinkets to keep.

    Blood of Isiset (reg)
    Talisman of Sinister Order

    They both offer mastery (one constant, one as proc), but one is constant INT, one is proc spirit.

    I suppose sometimes I have mana issues, but it's usually only when people are taking more damage than they should anyway.

    And if the reg version of BoI isn't worth it, is the heroic version worth it?


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    The regular BoI is not as good as the Talisman but the Heroic BoI is better.
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    BoI, u always want mastery, and u can time a good mana regen break with a proc. i dont think u need a mastery proc in a H, finally i hope u r lucky and dont keep any 333- trinket much time

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    I have a couple I'm looking at (heroic tear of blood and the heroic BoI) but I'm working with what I've got, heh.

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