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    I'm bored, what to play now?

    So, I finally left WoW a while ago due to being horribly bored with the game. I did love it (played since release) and it's been the best game I've ever played without any contest (yeah it beats Diablo 2) but now it's feeling old, repetative and busted so time to move on.

    I do need another timewaster when in the mood of playing something and that's why I ask here what people suggest. Something that's not a bad version of WoW would be nice but hard to find due to WoW actually being a superior MMORPG in so many ways! I'm after something with the standard "building your char"-thingy, don't care about lore or such, I just want a neverending project of building something from ground and up!

    So if you could pick one, which one of these and why?

    1. Rift
    2. Aion
    3. Guild Wars 2 (when it comes)
    4. Tera (when it comes)
    5. Other?

    I'm already playing Eve but as that is a kinda slowpaced game, I can probably handle another at the same time. Oh, and no need to say Star Wars TOR as I'll be all over that like a fly on a fresh poo anyway!

    Note1: No you can't have my gear/gold (I might come back to WoW in next expansion)
    Note2: Please no flamewar between fanboys, I'm just curious what people in general prefer to play when not playing WoW.

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    Why do you have to play something? Couldn't you just go out or do something else than play? :|

    If no, then try Black Ops.

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    I aint played Aion in a while.. (since its betas..) so not sure if its changed alot, but it was a very very very Grindy game and there felt like a massive lack of quests. You spent 90% of the time doing the same repeat quests for XP. Im currently playing Rift and i love the game, There are a few issues mostly class balance but that ofc will be fixxed as time goes on. The instances are fun to do and the experts are hard and you can sometimes spend hours wipeing on a boss. Some might see that as bad as they hate wipes and will QQ and ragequit but i enjoy the challange its fun and when it finally dies its like YES! it died!!. I think EVERYONE will play GW2 its an amazing looking game lol and i will play it never played GW1 but Gw2 is dragging me in :P.

    You could also try Crysis 2, Its an amazing fun / looking game and im enjoying every second of it ^^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallufauz View Post
    Why do you have to play something? Couldn't you just go out or do something else than play? :|
    I am, but always nice to have something when bored... besides, dont wanna go out every night between 21 and 01! :/

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    hmm.. yeah perhaps it's time to try something else than a mmorpg:ish game, however if I cannot build up my char and keep achieving stuff that carry by char forward, I usually get bored... Kinda need something that hooks me to my char and makes me wanna pimp him to max!

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    OoooOooooOo I like Black Ops. But I'm just starting to play Guild Wars (the first one( well there are four)) so that I can prepare for Guild Wars 2. Remember. If you have any interest in guild wars 2, I would just start to play the game now so that you can be ready for it when it comes out. That means getting every bonus thing from your Hall of Monuments. And if you don't know what that is, then I would get started. The beta should be in the summer, hopefully right?, so sit down, and enjoy the graphics and quests of Guild Wars.

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    I'd suggest Rift, I personally haven't played it but some of my friends has and most of them says it's really awesome. They compare it vanilla wow, but only the pros of it. And I think it's the only game that's even come to close to being a "wow-killer". (Not that it is one)
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    Personally, I loved Aion - it was extremely grindy, but using dozens of different skills with my assassin was awesome - plus the characters / items look very detailed. Pvp howver, was a mess as assassin. Fighting in 3d without your most important skills - no fun. if i had more time, i would play i asap.

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    I'd love to give Rift a testrun but I dunno about buying a game and then drop it immediately if it's not "my thing". I have such a tricky time with other MMORPGs that WoW as I've been playing WoW for 6 years, I compare everything to WoW in an unfair way... :/

    Rift is not available for any kind of demo somewhere, is it?

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    Well, single player game maybe OP?

    I personally enjoyed NFS2 Underground again, sure you got a old game you would play again maybe. A bit like Diablo for me.. One can wondor why I keep playing it at random times. Might not touch it for ½ year, but then it comes again for some time^^

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    I'd vouch for Rift

    I tried the Beta once or twice and it didn't catch me much, but I've played now for some time and I've reached level 31 and as it goes on it just gets better and better.

    Granted, it's not much different from WoW, but it's really just a nice breath of fresh air until SW:TOR arrives

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    I would do Rift (and I am). I am currently playing Rift, and WoW at the same time. Rift is very similar to WoW, so if your comfortable with WoW you will be good at Rift. Rift does have some unique things that WoW doesn't have however, but for the most part it's like the same game with different content. But beware you may actually be bored of MMO's in general, and if that is the case I wouldn't recommend any MMO, there all the same. But again Rift is something different, and it is pretty fun. If you are going to get Rift, buy the online collectors addition for $10 more then the regular version because you get a mount (free mount ftw), a some pets, an 24 slot bag, and a nice weapon enchant (that has infinite uses).

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    You really wanna know?
    If you get bored of MMO games, I would suggest trying out Dragon Age.

    Really awesome game. =)
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    I'd say go for Magicka. Pretty cheap and alot of fun, if you are waiting for SW:TOR. Being in much the same position as yourself, I bought Rift on release day and still have an active subscription, but in hindsight, I would not recommend it to someone who is bored of WoW and wanting an alternative, unless maybe all of your old guild are playing it, as was the case with me.

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    i say try rift if you liked wow its very similar but still fun. you could try warhammer too. its got some amazing pvp from what i played to lvl 35, lvl cap being 40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawon View Post
    I'm after something with the standard "building your char"-thingy, don't care about lore or such, I just want a neverending project of building something from ground and up!
    Spore...End of story.

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    I would go straight to DarkSpore. Spore was terrible. Darkspore is at least decent from what I played in the beta. It should be coming out very soon.

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    Try Rift, it should last you a while as its almost exactly like WoW in so many ways and I plan on buying it later this week.

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    i'd go with GW2 myself.
    till then try LoL, or HoN if you feel like paying.

    rift's class system had disaster written, stamped, and branded on it from beta.
    and the rifts can get very annoying, not really fun to have one person run up into your raid rift enrage the boss then run away.
    after the initial wave of players starting the game rifts have started to become a problem for people who are lvling and trying to quest.

    aion is largely about the glitter and grind, its "end game content"(for lack of a better word) is as filling as cold watered-down out chicken broth.

    tera i haven't seen much but it seems to have that "final fantasy flash syndrome".
    it's combat also seems like it would be at home on the consoles rather then the PC, which frankly might get me interested in it.
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    Id say GW2 but since its not coming out for a while you would need other things to play.
    Portal 2 is coming this month
    Korean retail of TERA nice test of the games combat, i had no lag problems either(PM me if you want to know how)
    Theres alot of good single player RPG's out by bioware and bethesdia that if you have not already played i would suggest trying out

    Spore and Darkspore i would not suggest, spore was a huge flop and while i played Darkspore during beta it was incredibly boring.

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    I've been playing a lot of Civilization 4 and 5. I didn't like 5 when it came out, but it has it's place now. I play 4 when I want a good civilization game with politics and such, and 5 when I want to be an angry warlord burninating the world.

    I also like good character growth games. If you haven't played it, you could go back and play Suikoden 3 for the PS2. 108 characters to collect! It probably has the best development system of the suikoden series too. Some characters are shopkeepers and such and your castle slowly builds up as you gain people, and some are warriors for your party. You can change their skills and runes which let them cast different types of magic. Some characters are more predisposed to certain skills, like magic or combat, and some are completely wide-open. It is debatable that II is an overall better game, but III has the best character development.

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