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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    I think you'ld be surprised at how diverse the age of the pokemon fanbase is.
    I've seen people in their 30s at the gaming shops. But I admitted it was prejudice, I'm not claiming that I'm rational or well informed here. I still want those darn kids to leave my MMO and go play the pokey mans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sableye View Post
    Eh fallout should never e a mmo
    um halos been aid
    call of duty any one of. Them
    command and conquer games ( westwood actualy planned one but didn't get past the drawing board)
    Sadly, a Fallout mmo is planned to start in 2012, atleast the beta is. Meh, not a Fallout fan at all, but it's better suited for an mmo then Elder Scrolls.

    On topic... Final Fantasy really, always seemed to be about the "chosen one" and his allies, doesn't really fit when there are hundreds of people runnning around really.
    Age of Empires online just seems fecked, I'd rather have them redo Age of Empires 2 or make a new Age of Mythology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlatedPriest View Post
    between 11-13?
    cause once i was 14 that crap was over

    Sorry for a bit large picture.
    Pokemon would work well as MMO, though it's not happening for a long long time.
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    Pong, I am pretty sure it would be a boring MMO

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    Definitely not the Elder Scrolls. Love those games, but I wouldn't want it to extend to millions of people. I'd like it 4-player for my friends and I, but nothing further than that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcrack View Post
    STAR WARS. Yeah I said it.
    But we have to milk it until it dies!

    Annnd I think mario party would be a terrible mmo.

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    Pokemon as an MMO would be fun, but hard. No way to do raids, so it would be largely PvP. Which would be extremely fun

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    a game that should never be an mmo ever... mike tyson's punch-out

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    Final Fantasy...oh wait

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    Any and all games based on movies in any shape or form. Games based on movie are just plain wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebane View Post
    Need for speed.
    Yup its been done

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    Elder Scrolls. The magic to those games is you can do whatever you want really. Kill anything, steal anything, etc. If it was made into an MMO they would no doubt limit that and it would just be another generic MMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idontlikeyou View Post
    SEGA Bass Fishing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dembai View Post
    How do I vote this up?
    !! Totally Agree!

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    I like how there's 5-10 year olds on the graph because pokemon requires a 12 year old reading lwvel....
    on second thought a pokemon mmorpg would be bad unless it was like mystery dungeon ecause id rather be th pokemon instead of running around havin pets do my fighting like huntards in wow
    Fpsmmos would be stupid too cas what would u do rly, the only way I could see it working is if it was kinda like fallout where u target through vats to do any serious damge and the game would have to be large
    bac on tpic
    any star wars
    any deadspace genera game
    or world war type game
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    I don't understand people saying Star Wars. There has already been a very well made MMO of Star Wars...
    I mean it was good until they changed the gameplay.

    I miss SWG =[
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sableye View Post
    on second thought a pokemon mmorpg would be bad unless it was like mystery dungeon ecause id rather be th pokemon instead of running around havin pets do my fighting like huntards in wow
    can i be a mudkip?
    imagine all the ditto's...

    on topic : farmville
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    Quote Originally Posted by maldias View Post
    MMOFPSRPG = Massive Multiplayer Online First-person Shooter Role Playing Game.
    yeah i know its a mouthful, and its likely what titan is going to be.
    and i think there was a WH40K (pronounced "wauk" using the 4 and an a and the 0 as an o) one announced too.
    yup, the Warhammer 40K MMO is on the way

    And I for one, can't wait.

    And the MMOFPS from CCP for EvE online "Dust 514" looks like it could be interesting.
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    I see a lot of people who are actually naming games that would probably make great MMO's.

    Did you guys misread the topic title? * games that should NEVER be made into MMOs. *

    Here is one: Hello Kitty
    Such feeble minds..

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    I love Okami, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it would ever do well as an MMO.


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