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    Diablo 2 Best class?

    So I just bought Diablo 2 yesterday. Didnt ever play it much when it first came out and Im wondering which class is the best/most fun to play? Just looking for some personal opinions, not trying to go all elite in Diablo

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    Depends on what you like really. You can make a nigh invincible character as an amazon. Set up a multi shot farmer and get all sorts of great equipment if that's your thing. My favorite was barbarian though, just for the satisfying crunch of melee.

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    Hammerdin, I think. (The best, but the most boring =X)

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    I personally always enjoyed the Assassin
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    Hammerdin had the highest dmg output and very few mobs with full resist, if I recall correctly.

    I used a hammerdin for hell bosses, and a sorceress for andariel NM farming

    my pvp was bone necro with marrowwalk bug, although that got fixed DAMN YOU BLIZZARD, HOW DARE YOU FIX BUGS

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    I think Trapassin is really nice. I myslef play it, fun to play and can pwn easily if you know how to do. :P

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    Trap assassin was a great time until I hit nightmare. My tricked out Necro was the most powerful character I had made. My favorite was the druid though.

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    Define "best"

    For MFing, sorc until you have an engima hammerdin.

    For the end bosses, smitadin.

    For starting out and getting all the way through hell alone, necromancer (specifically fishymancer build)

    Depends on what you want to do.

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    If you are just starting out a sorc is the strongest till you find some gear to trade for runes and all that noise. Back when I played after a ladder reset I was a sorc -> hammerdin -> then whatever class I wanted to build and that was generally a barb.

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    if you update your diablo II to the latest patch, the best class in the game all the way untill you get super leet gear, is the summoner necro. the fact that people have beat hell mode naked should speak for itself. as for fun, decimating entire fields of baddies with corpse explode spam is hella fun...along with your army of darnkess.

    it truely is overpowered. now if you stack it up against other builds with perfect gear, the OP gap isnt there, but still plenty awsome. all you have to do is max skeleton (melee), skeleton mastery, corpse explode, and dump left overs into clay golumn/master and get like 1 point into all your other ability. (actually, now that you can respec, investing into amp untill you get some plus to skills gear isnt a bad idea either)

    if you take advantage of respecs, dump all your states into Vit and Mana equally untill you get decent gear then spec all into vit.

    get a act II merc with healing aura and you are invincable. now, with perfect gear healing aura merc is the fail, but starting out its damn OP. give him a life steal weapon, NO FROST WEAPON!

    spam amp curse and corpse explode mana permiting.

    PS for the love of god, do not invest into magic skele

    PPS, if you have detailed questions you can send me a PM or skype me, ive made dozens of lvl 90+ toons and played that game way too much back in the day. and even some recently...
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    My favorites:

    Assassin with maxed lightning sentry and after that maxed death sentry, with I think it was called cloak of shadows, actually, the one that blinds all mobs on the screen was pretty fun and a breeze to play from lvl 18 (when lightning sentry is available) up until hell difficulty when lightning immunity on some mobs screws you over:P

    A paladin with Holy Freeze and Zeal is pretty good as well, Holy Freeze gives +frost damage on each hit of zeal up to some pretty impressive amounts, and holy freeze slows everything on the screen by about 50% when it's close to maxing, meaning you can run circles around just about anything and even move away from an attack before it lands on you. if I remember correctly, only duriel (act 2 boss) and possibly a few mobs and minibosses in act 5 are immune to the aura. If you happen to find a weapon with Crushing Blow on it, zeal becomes absolutely devastating.

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    Fire or Cold sorceress to farm items to build a smiteadin. Smiteadins are like one of the only characters that can solo uber tristram (super hard secret area only in hell).
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H3-N9zoI5c Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    For me the Necromancer was the most fun. Played Diablo 2 for 7 long years and tried every class and almost every possible "spec".

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