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    your fancy on diablo mmo

    hey i was just thinking about how great a diablo mmo would be (obviously not in development or anything) and i thought how much fun it would be to get like a 25 man raid set up to down mephisto, or like diablo or something... or andariel... or duriel..... or baal.... blahhh hahaha.

    what do you fantasize when you think about a diablo mmo, other than getting drunk at the bar in lut gholein of course :P

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    IMO diablo would lose all of its flavor if it had a mmo

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgevonfranken View Post
    IMO diablo would lose all of its flavor if it had a mmo
    Tru dat. The hack n slash genre is already so close to RPGs anyway.

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    Two words. Diablo ... movie.

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    I only get three things from Diablo:
    1. zerging mobs and avoiding being killed by midgets
    2. clicking loot faster than the other guys
    3. PKing the Korean whirlwind barb

    If an MMO can give me those three things, I'd be game for it.

    Otherwise I'd rather:

    1. Have Diablo III allow for twenty players to play at once if they are all in the same guild
    2. Up the damage on all the mobs according to player amount
    3. Make a few encounters that specifically accommodate such hordes

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    diablo is to awesome to be a mmo, it would ruin it

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    Diablo has a very focused lore that would be difficult to adapt for an MMO without destroying it.

    It is a great dungeon crawler, leave it as that.

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