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    Those items for casters should be categorized "spell spirit", "spell hit" and "spell" instead of "spell spirit" and "spell dps" as some items in the "spell dps" category are good for healing and some caster specs use (and are intended to) "spell spirit" (instead of items with hit) for dps. Distinguishing between "spell spirit" and "spell dps" just promotes the misconcepion that items with spirit are only for healers and are the only items they should use, which is not only false but not intended by blizzard.

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    Loved this updates! the fact that it's the old looks on the item is awesome, gonna bring back so many memories when you get those items Heirloom legs would be great

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    Quote Originally Posted by arakkar View Post
    where is the great apocalypse?! The twins must be reunited
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    Time to farm the crap out of these instances on all of my troll alts for maximum style.

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    love those troll designs.

    want that resto-shaman voodoo-mask badly

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    And I´ve spent 40K on "Theresa's Booklight" recently : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by istrain View Post
    Where's all the useful trinkets for my alts on that loot table? I guess they don't want to cut into the DMF trinket market just yet - I just can't bring myself to grind anymore Tol Barad rep for anything else decent.

    I like the idea of adding BoA legs it'll give me something to spend my JP on. Also, where's the epic gems already and can we lift the rep requirement on the head enchants now please?
    the bold part is already gone for a while.
    It may still say you need it, but you dont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    With all the heirlooms combined, you could get a total of 55% increased experience, which pretty much is x2 value.

    (This includes the ring from fishing content, and 10% guild perk)
    Helmet = 10%
    Shoulders = 10%
    Cloak = 5%
    Chest = 10%
    Ring = 5%
    Guild Perk = 10%
    Legs =10%

    I heard this is 60% not 55%, and there were also other BoA rings iirc (, just not implemented yet, so actually.. If these would be implemented as welll, you'd have 65% extra expies.


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    They fixed the STR DPS weapons to 2.6 speed. Thank goodness.

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    Should check the table again. Plate Spell DPS? :P Palas are gonna go deepsing with Exorcism now? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matik View Post
    This... Sucks too look the same that you did years ago. bleh

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    Yay for Holy Paladin bracers in ZA/ZG! Now I can finally replace my blue since Cho'gall is an ass and won't drop my bracers.

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    One out of three bows is actual 'hunter weapon'. Well done!

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    Quite disappointing that the twinblades are now daggers ...

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    People whine about new models looking terrible, people whine about reusing awesome old models.

    Charlie Sheen would be pissed, there's no possible route for winning here.

    I'm just glad Blizz is apparently supporting Holy Paladin DPS now (lolz)

    What's real disappointing is how theres no 4.1 tomorrow. It seems like there's nothing major left on the horizon for this patch, was hoping it would come out this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alayea View Post
    I see nothing wrong with the head enchants requiring rep to buy. Or did you mean that you want them for your alts? The head enchants are already BoA.
    While the head enchants are BoA, they still require the rep to USE and apply..

    Makes the Bind to Account feature wholly useless, and is completely misleading.

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    What kind of spell dps wears plate?

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    Not to sound like an asshole, but plate has always been classified as spell dps on his loot lists, it is just how he classifies it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fwosh View Post
    This... Sucks too look the same that you did years ago. bleh
    Heh... my Tauren Warrior never looked like THIS: :-D

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