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    oh great, so the alternative to not look like a dead murloc, is being potentially a bird... ugh thx blizz.... /waits for hunters samurai armour for season 10.

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    To Lazy to look if it was allready mentioned but..... we are all getting cheap epic enchants now cause there could be up to 2 Crystals droping from each one of this epics. GG

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    no Bulwark of the Amani Empire? what a shame it was my fave looking BC shield (that and the hardened heart)

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    Do u think tha blizzard r that lazy not to think of holy pala heirlooms ? i dont play pala but there the only class / spec without heriloom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    With all the heirlooms combined, you could get a total of 55% increased experience, which pretty much is x2 value.

    (This includes the ring from fishing content, and 10% guild perk)
    .. Am I missing an item in my calculations?

    10% Chest + 10% Shoulders + 10% Helm + 5% Cloak + 5% Ring + 10% Guild Perk = 50% .. not 55%
    Is this right? Or .. ?

    Also, 50% more isn't x2 value. 100% is x2 value. 50% is x1.5 value.

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