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    how do you act grown up?

    I never really understood this notion of acting grown up or "act your age".

    At what age do i have to act grown up and what does acting grown up mean?

    18 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 ect?


    you tell a funny rude joke and someone says act your age
    you try to do a handstand in the middle of town someone says act your age
    you wear certain clothes someone says act your age
    you still like a childhood hobby later in life someone says act your age
    you play a childish prank on a friend/family member or work colleage which you find funny but someone says act your age

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadface View Post
    what does acting grown up mean?
    Means they're jealous, that's all it means, no reason you can't act like a child if there's no reason to act in a more serious manner.

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    it means being bland and espousing the mainstream opinion more and more.

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    Yer, I hate it too
    Like when I get mom's breast milk in my beard people are like act your age

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    Well I think most people try this method

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    It should just be about your environment, and knowing when to act certain ways. Being an immature or non professional person when it is required then yes, the comment of "act your age" is applicable. If you are with some friends and bring up liking Pokemon or something, and one goes "Act your age" then you need to slap a ho and tell them to GTFO, cus they have no reason to be judging you for anything. Most people like that have enough issues (daddy issues mostly, be a man etc) and you should not be concerned with them (unless you wanna help)

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    I normally say screw them and continue to enjoy my brightly colored candy and spongebob.

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    i FUCKING hate when people say to "act your age".
    same thing as when people say to act "normal", my 15 year old brother tells me that i don't act like a normal 17 year old should, just fucks me off so much that i should have to fit into his mold to be considered "normal" (i hate that word). people should just let others do what they want and not give them a hard time about doing what they want to.
    a little off topic but the same kind of thing.
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    I keep an organized schedule, plan ahead, etc.

    I also laugh my ass off at fart jokes and general wankery. I guess we're all guilty of "acting like a child" in one form or another. I think we should embrace it. People would be less tightass.

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    I'm 17. and when it comes down to it a am mature (maybe more so then alot of "adults") becase I know when it's okay to act like a child :P

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    Well OBVIOUSLY if you buy your own groceries and do your own laundry you are grown up. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that! :P

    Jokes aside, being "grown up" requires you to be responsible for your own actions and I guess plan ahead. There isn't a stage you reach when you realize you are an "adult" because life is all about experiences that shape you into the person you are/will be.

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    How do I act grown up? Well, I am 33 years old, and I still feel about the same as I did when I was 18. I generally like the same things, talk the same way, even have mostly the same friends. The REALLY BIG difference is paying bills. I have been saying it for years, the only difference between an adult and a teenager in most cases is the level of responsibility. And before someone asks, if you are under 18 and live in your own apartment, pay for your own food, phone, insurance, or whatever, you are an adult as far as I am concerned. Age means JACK. Take care of what needs to be taken care of, be yourself, and your life will be just fine.
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    No such thing as "acting grown up."

    You either ARE grown up or still a child. Whatever you do is who you are.

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    I used to play Diablo 2 when i was 8 on People often thought i was at least in my 20s.

    So i have no idea. Guess i should have acted my age?

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    I think it has to do with how as you grow older, you care less and less about petty silly things, and the degree by which you care about and behave regarding those types of things is used to gauge your "acting age".

    For example, if you cannot suppress an urge to "try to do a handstand in the middle of town" or find that that is a reasonable thing to do, then it can probably be safely assumed that you are childish.

    For another example, if you "play a childish prank on a friend/family member or work colleage which you find funny", I think not only have you answered your own question, but you have also correctly displayed your "acting age".

    The main point I think is the acceptance of responsibility and discarding of childish ways that can make you seem older (and often wiser) than you are.

    I'd love to see guesses to my age after just reading my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I normally say screw them and continue to enjoy my brightly colored candy and spongebob.
    I was just gonna post that! The screw them, and then something else childishy~! but Spongebob is always cool man!

    Is this the Krusty Krab?

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    It is not the way you dress or if you are 40 and still watch Sponge Bob on tv.
    Acting grown up means that you need to have the knowledge when it is time to make a joke or be serious.
    When you need to stop playing a pc game or surfing on the net because your wife/girlfriend/family needs to discuss something serious with you or needs your help and you do it.
    When you need to come front or step back in a situation and when you can manage your own responsibilities and take your own risks.

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    When i write on the internet I use Full stops.

    See? I did it just now!

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    Acting grown-up means not giving a fuck about acting grown-up.

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    I'm 24 right now.

    That means I get to decide what it means to be 24, you can decide what it means when you're that age.

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