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    PvP Weapon? + Full set or?

    Hi all!

    Since ive recently started with some PvP, ive noticed that most Disc Priest have the [Vicious Gladiator's Spellblade] + [Vicious Gladiator's Reprieve] instead of just the [Vicious Gladiator's Energy Staff], while the Staff has compared to the main hand + off-hand better stats.

    Could any1 provide me with some info why that is?

    Also ive noticed that some Disc Priests have 1 item from the SP set. When they have 2, it would explain that they are doing that for the Set Bonus, but why just 1 from the SP Set?

    Is it for Haste ir Hit?

    Mostly i see them with the legs or head from the SP Set.
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    Try to recalculate the stats on both. cause normaly main+offhand has more spell power then the staff. And dont forget the 50+int on offhand+mainhand enchant

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    mainhand+offhand when properly enchanted has more stats than staff

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    And its easier to take out totems with a fast weapon

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    I'm personally one for the energy staff. More int / SP is always great, but not at the trade off of losing spirit for crit (a terrible stat).

    The reason people use one item off the shadow set is because they prefer the stat that it has. I personally have the shadow legs, and trade off between the mooncloth and satin gloves depending on my comp.

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