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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyIllidan View Post
    Yeah ferals should go use a healer mace to DPS with. Or lets go get some item that's 6 years old and still completely relevant. Fact of the matter is, feral will NEVER see a legendary again. Blizzard doesn't give enough of a shit about us to design one simply for Hunters and Ferals. More than likely, we will see the caster legendary, and then another STR based weapon that Warriors/DKs/Rets can use.
    Well, you completely missed the point of my post, but it looks like you are stating what I was getting at anyhow. They don't make legendaries based off of specs. Otherwise tanks, the majority of rogues, feral druids and enhance/elemental shammys wouldn't be missing out.

    I don't suggest a feral use a healing weapon. Thats moronic. But druids as a whole have plenty of legendaries to chose from. Much like rogues. There are three that we could use, but are all pointless for the majority of the rogues cause of daggers. and all are pointless other then vanity now at this point.

    Fact is, Blizzard isn't going to make legendaries for niche roles. Dagger rogues, ferals, and anything for dps shammys. I am actually pretty surprised we haven't seen anything for tanks yet, but I think Blizzard made a comment about that at last Blizcon about tanking stuff not being as exciting. I can't really remember though.

    But yah, we'll be getting more 2/1H swords, more staffs, or more another kind of weapon that most classes can benefit from cause Blizzard doesn't want to give just a small % at the chance of a release legendary. They want a lot of classes to be able to use it.
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    I really dont care much for a legendary. However a fun quest epic (like battered hilt) would be amazing. Hell even bring the BC craftable weapon style back. Just something to add flavor to our purples lol

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    Wouldn't mind a legendary for the real enhancement spec, not that 2hander offspec people had for funsies and pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isride View Post
    Ah, sorry a redundant spec (2h enhance) using a 6 year old weapon slipped my mind, elementals have still never had anything, and replace enhancement with shadow priests!! :P
    You mean back when 2h enhance was the only option? Unless you consider 'sword' and board enhance as on option of course and as for Shadow Priests, I'm assuming you forgot all about Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian.

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    Seems that troll messed up everyone lol...

    Who let the dog's out?! Whooo!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosesred View Post
    Indeed. Speccs is not the issue tho, It's the classes.

    For example: Shadowmourne = DK's, Retris and two types of warriors.
    Sulfaras = Shamans, warriors etc.
    that lightning sword = Rogues, warriors, paladins
    The staff from old naxx = Pretty much all of our healers, and maybe even damagedealing spellcasters

    And the new staff is purely Spellcasters( a hell alot of classes) and probb still usefull for a healer.

    Thereby, I would be really amazed if ferals/hunters got a legendary

    Huntards got the Sunwell bow
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    gharld fu cked name,all my friends are playing on this patch and its going fine,u fu cking ugly kid go comment ur mother face not here, morron shit.
    He's right. I should go comment my mother face.

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    hunters got a legendary because they are a class.

    ferals are not a class your a spec. deal with it.

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    Dagger, 2h sword, 1h axe, Fist Weap. Have not had legendary weapon slots.
    This is the second staff they've made, and they've already had 2 (3, technically) 1h swords.

    I don't see a weapon slot scheme.

    The main issue with giving feral druids a legendary weapon, I see, is that you can't see it while in form.
    Legendaries are often some of the more visually pleasing items rendered in game.

    It'd be like giving rogues and warriors a legendary throwing weapon, or paladins, shaman, death knights a legendary relic.

    Plus, legendaries always have an active effect. It'd just feel clunky with a feral druid.

    *insert comment about stat sticks here*
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    I do understand the visual effects dilemma concerning Feral Druids, but imo, it wouldn't matter much to me. I'm just interested in spending a lot of time and effort into creating a historical weapon that I can shove in people's faces and have the other guildies QQ in envy.

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    Hunters had a legendary because they're a class, and two other classes could also use that bow.

    I think the main reason why feral doesnt have a legendary is because weapons arent visible when you're feral.
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    I don't want to call Boubouille and wake her up for something like this.

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    Honestly, the idea of a battered hilt type legendary would be a horrible idea in my opinion. If everyone could have the weapon then it wouldn't really be legendary now would it?

    Druids had Sulfuras so they might be next after Boomkins and spriests get a turn.

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    I don't know a single druid that got a sulfuras in vanilla (not on the servers ive played on at least). So saying "druids had sulfuras" doesn't really mean much...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon View Post
    If we can do that, then you don't need a Feral Legendary since you can use Atiesh AND Val'anyr, so you have had two Feral Druid Legendaries.
    The weapon would probably still do pretty awesome on a Shadow Priest.

    A Spellpower weapon on a Feral Druid on the other hand...

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    I dont know if its just me, but why hasn't Blizzard made a legendary that switched stats based on class/spec? Remember the rings from Khara and IC? You could pay to switch the stats on there. It seems to me that to be a legendary it would have to have the stats and something outstanding that set it apart from other weapons. I will use my main as an example.

    Ele shammy = For my main spec the legendary could be a twin dagger/shield combo with stats relevant to whats great for ele at the time.
    Resto Shammy = The legendary changes to a mace or first weapon and shield with lots of spirit and what have you.
    Enhance Shammy = Like what they did with the Legendary fist weps before but something for sexy Enhance shammies. And if it ever got viable again a 2 hander.

    I know doing it this way would take a little more effort. But then Anyone who completes the quest line and puts in all the work and gets the drops will be rewarded with something of actual legendary status. I figure blizz could put in an NPC where you get the weapon and for a nominal fee you could change it to the stats and form that fits your spec. Every class could have something new and interesting. Plus it wouldnt hinder other classes from ever seeing the item in their inventory bc they didnt roll the right class for this xpan. I just think this would be a great idea and people would appreciate being able to work for something that could change for ever spec.

    Also for druids since thats the ot.
    Resto/Balance Druids = Staff with the stats but do it like the old priest wep one part is for resto, then click the staff and its transforms into a balance oriented staff.
    Feral Kitty/Bear = Same thing as with resto/balance staff. One staff with armor,agi, and whatnot for tanking, click it and it changes shape and stats to conform for kitty dps.

    I think it could very easily be achieved since they are usually one per expansion things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charo View Post
    All used to have FAP on it

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    So you mean something along the lines of the priest staff Benediction? In that case it's actually quite a good idea, since then even hunters can use the DPS version and blood DKs can use the tanking version. Hadn't thought of it like that, good catch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightroad View Post
    BAHAHAHAHAHA you, sir, win.

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    So you mean something along the lines of the priest staff Benediction? In that case it's actually quite a good idea, since then even hunters can use the DPS version and blood DKs can use the tanking version. Hadn't thought of it like that, good catch.[/QUOTE]

    Yes exactly. It couldnt be too hard to do this again for every class. Each class would have thier class specific form of the legendary. It would be just like Benediction from Vanilla.

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    Anyway in theory we had a legendary long time ago... even if wasn't fitting for us

    was Sulfuras.... but wasn't fitting properly for any feral spec... we deserve a new proper one, sigh

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    i would say give a only heal shaman legend

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