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    Cool [A] <Endless>Seeking various well theorycrafted players, 25m, tue-thur 730-1030pm CST

    <<<<updated as of 4/7>>>>>>

    Contact us today and we could be raiding you Tuesday! Currently 2/13 HM (maloriak at 10% for 3/13)

    We are currently making the transition from a 10 man guild to 25 man. More about this below. We are willing to look more at the player then just how many epics they are wearing. So if you know that you're talented or perhaps re-rolling into a different class but lacking in gear please talk with us if this sounds like a good fit. With 4.1 around the corner and ZA/ZG inbound it will be very easy to entry level raid gear.

    [A] [Endless] is some of the best talent on Dragonblight brought together to form a professional style raiding guild. Focused initially 10 man heroic level raiding, we're very tight knit and look to push 25man hardmodes into Sinestra pre Firelands.

    Our progression:
    We are 2/13HM. Maloriak down to 8% so we'll have him shortly. We recently had a healer vacate suddenly due to real life circumstances so this halted our progression. In addition due to legendary news we are making the transition now into 25's which also will set us back a bit. We're looking for solid players to prepare for Firelands.

    Raid times:
    We raid 7:30PM-10:30PM Central time Tuesday-Thursday. Our motto is, "We get done in three hours what most raids get done in four." We take a single 5 minute break halfway. We require 80% attendance. If you don't waste our time we won't waste yours!

    We provide flasks/food/short term DPS pots/mana pots/guild repairs/fish feasts. If for some reason we are not stocked we expect you to buy one but otherwise we have a very open guild bank policy. Using epic BOE sales we invest this back into our raiders. We also use the money, if needed, to buy BIS or very close to BIS pre-heroic BOE's to help our raid progress ASAP. A good example is we recently made 8 DMF decks for our raiders, some were for off spec. We've also paid for many profession respecs into something more ideal. We purposefully try to keep the guild bank under 10k.

    Most of us are employed professionals or family types above 25+. We ask you're at least 18 years old, however just because we advertise we're 'mature' does not mean we all cuss like sailors and tell constant sexual jokes all the time. Very immature 19y or even 29y old people we won't have around for long. We all get along very well. Everyone gets an idea of what people do for a living, how many kids they have in real life, what type of real life profession they have, etc. We're very tight knit and drama isn't tolerated. We had one person that caused issues the first day of guilding and they were gone next day.

    We have more of a professional raid atmosphere. When we wipe we are back up, buffed, and pulling in less then 5 minutes. We don't scream at people, however we do point out things specifically that players could be doing better. If it offends you easily being 'called out' for doing something wrong don't talk to us.

    Outside of raiding we generally are fairly active. We're looking into starting a casual alt run one day a week. People level alts and some play other games on vent together like League of Legends. We don't log on just for raid times.

    We fully expect every single player to gear and theorycraft their main spec as well as their off spec in case it is needed based on the encounter. We log every raid as a means of measurement on worldoflogs.com and do everything we can to get our raiders to 'rank' in the top percentages, even on farm content. We also have an guild atmosphere that encourages any player to look at spec/talent/glyph/gearing choices and challenge each other on why they have made certain choices. We look at what spells/abilities players use from time to time and compare their logs to other top guilds to get an idea if they are doing everything they can to help us progress.

    We use worldoflogs.com to log everything and treat this as a tool to ensure players in guild are continually getting better at what they do. If you are easily offended by something like this do not apply. If the thought of having an entire guild full of well theorycrafted people then you'd love it here. If you're wondering what theorycrafting is do not bother talking to us.

    More on why we're progressing from 10m to 25m as made by a blue recently:

    A: Our main goal is to offer the Legendary in both 10 and 25 without requiring say a 25-player raid to feel like they have to switch to running 10s for the sole purpose of Legendary fragment acquisition (and the same is true for 10s). Our plan is to make Legendary completion take longer to acquire in 10-player raids. The exact ratio will be somewhat obfuscated because of the variation in the amount of fragments dropped per boss based on both raid size and raid difficulty. However, you can plan on it being maybe 2 to 2.5 times faster for the 25-player raid. It should feel analogous to number of Valor points or gold dropped in 25s, and is being treated the same.

    If interested please look over our basic policies to ensure you're a good fit for our team at:


    After looking those over please contact us >ingame< by rolling and alt and we'll talk with you on vent. I don't mind someone asking for us during raid! We'll at least set up a time to speak with you ASAP. Contact Sneeble on Dragonblight (US). If you cannot find him then contact any member and usually we can get a hold of him via vent or twitter.
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    Still seeking. We'll have someone you can talk with most of the day.

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    Seeking! Would love to talk with groups that want to raid together.

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