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    Fun / Frivolous Hunter Toys...

    I was hoping some people with great memories could help me with this. I was making care packages for some of my hunter friends in game. I plan on adding in Kibler's Bits (Not sure how to add one of those nifty links in here, but it makes your pet bigger when you click on it) and the Certificate of Ownership... and I can't think of any of those other neat little toys that hunters have for their pets. The ones that dont really -do- anything but are fun to mess around with. Anyone else care to share some?

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    very cute idea, but i don't think there are very many options for hunter toys, unfortunately. you might have better luck asking this in the hunter forums instead of general discussion.
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    This may qualify....... personally I match my vanity (non-combat) pets to my combat pet... I have a white (really blueish white) tiger from Winterspring, and I use a Winterspring Cub along with it; I use a pink tallstrider sometimes, and a mulgore hatchling accompanies us on our rounds; Spore Bat & Tiny Spore Bat (BoP rep item currently).

    So if you know what the hunter's favorite pet is, you can see if you can get them a vanity pet to match.

    BTW: To make links like Kibler's Bits (link unfortunately not making a mouseover for this one right now), go to http://db.mmo-champion.com/ and search there; when you find the item, in a box on the right side find "Forum Link"; copy that and paste it straight into here. When you get to the main search page, you can also add the search as a browser search box entry.
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    Go to Dalaran and get those placeable Wine/Cake/Cheese/Pie things. Sure it's not hunter related, but who can say no to cake?

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