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    If we 2 healed Maloriak HC we would be pushing P2 after 2 releases. xD Which would = wipe because to many on the OT.
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    Acherus is my home.
    Our holy priest 1 healed the last half of atramedes, done right there's very little raid damage, just when he does searing flame and modulate.
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    On normal, anything but nefarian easily (because of the 3 platforms).

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    our 10m guild has been dealing with recruiting issues, bad pugs and internet issues for quite a while, however now that we have a core set we've been getting things done. (we raid 2 nights a week so it's been a killer if we get bad pugs) We had been struggling at 7/12 up to just last month. Last night our dk (who regularly heals on his resto shaman due to lack of a third healer) had internet issues and couldn't log on, and we couldn't find a pug healer, so we decided to give BoT 10 a try two healing it with me (holy pally, I retired my priest in my sig) and our full time resto shaman (we usually raid with 1 x holy pally, 2 x resto shaman)

    Halfus was a bit of a spamfest two healing it but the drakes were down so quickly with the extra dps that the fight didn't feel a lot harder than normally, although I did need to bubble the knockdown so I could interupt the cast immediately afterwards and save a couple people who were low

    V&T were quite easy but I was a little worried about phase 3 on council. Turned out we had a 1% wipe and then killed it next attempt without any difficulty. Cho'gall is one we normally 2 heal so it wasn't an issue and since all the fights took us less time with the extra dps we took cho'gall down and had plenty of time left in our raid night. Decided to go try BWD and see how far we could get 2 healing it. Turns out the only thing that gave us trouble was chimaeron, everything else was a one shot. After the first wipe on chimaeron (the feud phases were where we had a bit of trouble bursting the group back up) our dk/resto shaman was able to connect and we swapped him in for a mage and took it down, went to throne and did conclave and now left with nef and al'akir for monday night. The only real weird one was maloriak where most of our dps was twiddling thumbs waiting for the second green phase so we didn't push him over early.

    TLDR we surprised ourselves by successfully 2 healing 8/10 bosses we killed last night, it's much easier than you'd think due to having the extra dps to shorten the fights.

    we're not heroic geared yet, we're 10/12 so we cleared all content that wasn't progression within about 3 hours last night mainly 2 healing the fights. Give it a try and see if your healers can handle it. I really enjoyed it.

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    I dont see a disc priest 2 healing Chimaeron anytime soon lol. Halfus normal isnt so hard 2 healing V&T is easy Chogall isnt even hard tbh.

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    Basically all of the current content is 2 healable one way or another, as people have said earlier in the thread though stuff such as nefarian is more effort to two heal as it requires dps with good self healing and CDs on one pillar. Lately we have been running normal modes messing around for fast kills and such, and we've solo healed al'akir and atramedes normal with relative ease.

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    Al'akir is far easier to 2 or even soloheal than most people are thinking. There really isn't all that much damage going out at all, if the mechanics are done well and phase 2 is killed quickly (given 7-8 dps, it should be!)
    Quote Originally Posted by Seahippo View Post
    We are gunna use some dust brown to paint some happy little tornados here, and one more here. Then we are going to use some white to paint happy little wind blasts here. Just dab the brush along the base of al akir, and there you have it. THE GAYEST FIGHT EVER

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    How do people two heal normal Halfus? I know that I end the fight with about 50% mana left, but that's only because the fight actually gets easier as it goes on (dragons released and killed). It's from the first pull up to halfway to the second dragon that I'm running dangerously oom.
    Go disc and smite heal on halfus then you have 2.5 healers But me and my Paladin healer typically do Halfus as a 2 heal team, you just have to know what you're doing, we do Cho'Gall 2 heals as well which works pretty well if everyone is on their A game an not standing in bad stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwalker8 View Post
    Anyways - Everything but Alikir, Chimmy and Nef are pretty easy to two heal.
    You can 2-heal al'akir.

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