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    Remote Guild Chat Preview, Savage Defense and Blood Shield "Issues", Art Gallery

    Remote Guild Chat Preview
    Blizzard posted a small preview of the remote guild chat on the World of Warcraft Remote Services page.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
    Real time guild chat on your phone. Keep in touch with your guildmates and always be in on your guild's discussions with the new mobile Guild Chat feature. With a subscription to World of Warcraft Remote, you can view and participate in your guild's chat in real time, engage in one-on-one conversations with other guild members, and more!

    Subscription Features

    • Stay in touch with your entire guild wherever you are
    • See which guildmates are online
    • Initiate one-on-one conversations with guild members
    • Keep the guild up-to-date with your Arena team and Rated Battlegrounds plans
    • Filter by guild chat, officer chat, and whispers

    Savage Defense and Blood Shield "Issues"
    Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Blue Tracker)
    There are two issues here.

    One is that the combat log is saying “refresh” in a confusing way when it’s really just applying damage to the shield (i.e. a new shield has not been created). We’re looking at some ways that might be fixed.

    The second issue has to do with our combat log (or third party logs) apparently disagreeing about what happened. Remember, our combat calculations are done on the realm side and then reported to the client, but the client only gets those reports periodically. The message has to travel a potentially long distance between your client and our realms. It’s important that the calculations are done realm-side though, to maintain gameplay integrity.

    Because of the latency inherent in client – realm communication, it can appear that a hit lands before the shield procs, yet still applies to the shield, leading to the mistaken impression that the proc isn’t occurring properly. In reality, the server is (probably) performing the steps correctly, but the client sometimes lags behind. For example, there's a case where what actually happened is this sequence: 1) shield proc, 2) hit, 3) absorb, but the client is slightly behind and instead (incorrectly) shows 1) hit, 2) shield proc, 3) absorb in the combat log. Or it could appear that you lost shield points without actually taking less damage, when in reality either the shield or your health pool weren’t affected. Or it could appear that if you take multiple hits nearly simultaneously that the shield did nothing to the later hits, but in reality the shield was gone on the first hit and your client just hasn’t been notified of that fact yet. We will investigate this issue just to make sure, but we’re pretty confident that Savage Defense and Blood Shield are working correctly and are just sometimes getting misreported. With Savage Defense lasting longer in 4.1, you may see this kind of thing more often.

    The takeaway is that latency can in some cases cause combat log display issues like the one we’re seeing here. We understand that a lot of you use the combat log as a reporting tool to analyze a fight after the fight has concluded. The combat log as currently implemented is supposed to give you a data feed in real time. We’d like to redesign the combat log to fill that post-combat analysis role better (as Ghostcrawler alluded to in a recent Q&A) but that is a Very Big Task. Just delaying the current combat log so that it was in 100% parity with the server could cause serious issues with third party mods among other things, so we have to be careful not to turn a single screw and end up dismantling the whole machine, so to speak. Despite its limitations, it remains an accurate and useful tool in the vast majority of circumstances.

    Blizzard Art Gallery Update
    The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Art gallery has been updated with six pieces representing the Warcraft universe.

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    First And that guild chat thing looks awesome!

    i wonder how much it will cost, and what phones it will be available for >.>

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    lol totally getting that

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    I'm totally going to download the Android SDK for Windows 7 and buy that service so I can talk with my guildmates on my computer without having WoW open.

    My use of WoW currently is 98% idling in Orgrimmar, so I might as well.

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    It's $3/mo, and it's included with the mobile armory Plus app. So, it's on whatever phones that's on already.

    also... wtb guild chat already :\ that was announced ages ago, and now it's finally "comingsoon!"

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    We'll have more information on the availability of this fanciful feat of gnomish engineering soon, so keep your goggles glued to the official World of Warcraft website.
    Do you see that? They made no mention of the innovative contributions of the goblin engineering community - again! >

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    ...yet I'm not sure how many people will pay 2-3€ for guild chat.

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    Awesome! Iphone confirmed (duhhh).

    Can't wait!

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    The only time I need to talk to my guild when I'm not playing is to let them know I'll be late or won't make a raid. Even then I can access the website and post. So, I wouldn't use it. But it's a nice feature for those that do.

    I wonder how many Doom-Saying, Cash Cow posts this is going to be filled with...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myci View Post
    First And that guild chat thing looks awesome!

    i wonder how much it will cost, and what phones it will be available for >.>
    iPhone/iPod Touch and Android $2.99/mo extra

    Quote Originally Posted by Znuff View Post
    ...yet I'm not sure how many people will pay 2-3€ for guild chat.
    You also get access to the auction house services as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Znuff View Post
    ...yet I'm not sure how many people will pay 2-3€ for guild chat.
    It comes with the auction house as well.

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    ^.^ must have!

    If you're looking to recapture nostalgia.. It's not going to happen.

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    none of these are new photos, theyre just the zone/loading screens

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    This is going to be my replacement for the actual sub!

    If only they could make the same for .

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    Pandaren Monk schippie's Avatar
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    Lol blizz still manages to amaze me sometimes


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    Maybe with this they'll finally add the Mobile Armory to the Android version and update it for just the Auction House. The 3rd party app is still too far behind ;______;

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    *sigh* ...There's no way I'm forkin' over another $3/month just to talk to guildmates without having to play WoW. (That's what Vent and Mumble are for >_> heh)

    Cool idea, I'll definitely give them that, but I can't help but wonder where Blizzard's priorities are at this point. On the game, or on the money?
    Charging extra monthly for something that could set them well above competition if it were free..?

    edit: Also, how does this add value to the game? Are players more likely to play longer because of this?
    Last edited by Scratches; 2011-04-06 at 10:28 PM.

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    While they're at it we could do with the official armoury app on Android, too.

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    Someone needs to print off iOS's HIG and slap Blizzard's mobile team upside the head with it. I'm not even getting in to the atrocious UI elements, images being done at the wrong sizes, etc.

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    Just launch the damn patch already!!

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