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    <No Donkeys> Durotan- Recruiting for 25man progression.

    We're puting together a 25 man roster and are looking for raiders with 12/12 experience or better to continue our reign as server first on our Durotan. We are currently 6/13 heroic 10m and want to progress in to 25mans for Firelands and future raids to come!!!

    No Donkeys is a progression guild. A lot of our raiders originated on Durotan, but eventually moved to other servers and guilds to compete with the best. Our accomplishments have taken us to some of the most competitive guilds in the US and around the world.

    We have decided to leave this behind to focus on a close-knit progression guild in Cataclysm.

    Cataclysm Accomplishments:
    Server First

    -US 170 Hard Mode Chimaeron
    -US 274 Hard Mode Maloriak
    -US 400 Hard Mode Atramades
    -US 545 Hard Mode Magmaw
    -US 338 Hard Mode Omnitron Defense System

    A few of our collective accomplishments in WotLK:
    -Top 90 US Heroic Anub’Arak 25-man
    -Top 90 US Death’s Demise
    -Top 90 US Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25-man
    -Top 75 US Light of Dawn
    -US 14th Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25-man
    -Various Top 50 up to Top 10 records on World of Logs in 25man H ICC

    We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it’s available. We want players who are able to be a part of the team; that involves attending virtually all the raids, having stable computers and internet connections, min/maxing, bringing consumables, and making sure you are up to date on all your classes’ developments, as well as the game’s developments and upcoming changes.

    We are all friends, and we keep a respectful atmosphere when we play with each other. If you believe all of this applies to you, and you would like to be a part of our team, feel free to apply.

    Applications are private. Please visit no-donkeys.com to apply.

    Exceptional players of any class will be considered.

    Raids Times:

    9:00PM - 1:00AM EST Monday-Thursday

    Contact Information:
    Horde- Taroxx (GM), Mixa (Recruitment Officer)

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