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    Discipline vs Holy Next Patch

    Currently I raid as Discipline in our 10 man, we are 5/13HC. However, I feel like all Discipline has going for it is Power Word: Shield and is inferior in every other way to holy. Here is a log of Heroic Magmaw kill, 60% of all my healing is power word shield. (www worldoflogs com/reports/k8rjn5ncbjb1z13f/analyze/hd/source/?s=5635&e=6111 <-- Add the dots)

    The point here being, with the nerf to 15 second duration, I will no longer be able to blancket the whole raid with shields and expect it to be 100% effective before it expires. Prayer of Healing is terrible as Disc, you either overheal to put up absorbs or have the absorbs do nothing mostly. Basicly I'll be going back to healing as Holy next patch, unless I am missing something here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garouken View Post
    Basicly I'll be going back to healing as Holy next patch
    Cool story bro.

    Magmaw's not really a fight to make a comparison on, but blanket shielding was supposed to be killed. Congrats, now it is.

    But both specs have their strengths and weaknesses. Discipline also has a much easier to activate Archangel, Penance, an on demand haste buff (Borrowed Time) and better cooldown utilization (Pain Suppression, Power Word: Barrier, and Power Infusion, vs.... Guardian What?)

    If you want to choose numbers, go ahead.

    People will play the spec they want, neither suffer. And I'm closing a "This vs That" thread because they perform differently enough, you don't compare an XBox to an iPhone.
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