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  • Mongoose

    13 41.94%
  • Executioner

    14 45.16%
  • Deathfrost

    4 12.90%
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    Most cool enchant

    I recently obtained Thunderfury, blessed blade of the windseeker and want to hear your thoughts about a nice enchant on it, so just vote or discuss any cooler enchants.
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    Coolest looking enchant: Power Torrent

    And if you enchant it with that... have fun with the mats (4 maesltrom crystals)

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    None. Seriously, its *THUNDERFURY*... which means you've just got it for status. Putting anything else on it is gonna make you look nooby.

    Ok, if you must then either Icy or Fiery weapon.

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    I had Mongoose on mine to use to tank with when Mong was still viable pre-Cata.

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    Power Torrent is way too OTT imo, personally, Ctrlphreak pretty much sums it perfectly.
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    I like the Mongoose effect so i vote this one.
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    Executioner is my personal favorite in visual terms; however, none of those enchants (or Power Torrent) will look cool on Thunderfury

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    power torrent on the spirit staff from bot trash = imba sauce

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    WoW only has 10 million subscribers it must be dying! WoW sucks!
    I'm sorry no, clearly you didn't see Chuck Norris allowed 10 million to survive his Purge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P4R45171K View Post
    This x 50000

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    Power torrent on Maldo's Sword Cane is the shiiiiiii

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    You can't use any Cataclysm enchants on an item that old, seeing as the Cataclysm enchants require a minimum i.lvl of 300, whereas Thunderfury only have 66 I think. However WotLK enchants require 60+ i.lvl, so you can use anything pre-cata.

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    I have giantslaying on mine and it actually looks pretty awesome
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    Executioner or Mongoose, blows the **** out of anything this xpac.

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    You can't use Avalanche, Power torrent, or any Cata Enchants on TF; otherwise I would have one of those. However, I use Icy Chill on mine, it looks nice and matches the general style, I guess.
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    Go for Mongoose or Excecutioner, I doubt u can do Power Torrent on a lvl 60 weapon

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    Executioner fo shizzle.

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    Brexour from ze mazrigos eu!

    Executioner as always.

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