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    Combat Etiquette

    If you're going to be participating in Roleplays where you are pitted against fellow roleplayers, it's important to not godmode, but based on certain incidents in the past, we've felt that it was a good idea to expand on that, to give a general idea of what's okay and what's not okay. Some of this may seem obvious, so if it is, please bear with us

    Weapons and their appropriate use
    Throwing Weapons: Most classes can use throwing weapons. However, do not be a mage with an arsenal of throwing knives, or a warrior who only uses a ninja star.

    Projectile Weapons: If your class can't use a bow, gun, or crossbow, don't use one.

    Spells: be realistic here. As a certain class, you should stick with the spells at your disposal. As a paladin, Do not rend, or use a plethora of druid spells. Be as accurate as possible, and do not use a lot of stuns! (See next)

    Probably the most annoying thing in and out of game are stuns and interrupts. For a period of time, you are unable to do anything, limiting your time to roleplay. Therefore, you should use stuns, interrupts and the like appropriately, and conservatively. For example, you cannot stun someone to be able to get in a killing/severe blow, but you CAN stun someone so they're dazed, and will possibly/probably get hit. Silences are in this party as well, because they are essentially the same thing as stuns, but they only affect casters. Interrupts should be used sparingly. You cannot just keep interrupting a caster. Please note that kicks to the groin do count as stuns. However, in a comedic roleplay, a kick to a gnome's groin would not be considered a stun, but a kick-off.

    Immunity/Healing: Becoming immune to damage is, again, essentially godmoding. Healing, not as much. Warlocks cannot sacrifice their voidwalker, paladins cannot use Lay on Hands, or their divine shield (bubble, in laymans terms), mages cannot ice block.

    Below is a list of what each of the ten basic classes can do. If something is not on the list, it means that the class in question should not be doing it.

    Warrior: Physical attacks (weapons or unarmed)
    Mage: Magical attacks
    Warlock: Magical attacks
    Rogue: Physical attacks (generally weapons), stealth.
    Druid: Magical attacks, healing (in moderation), form changing
    Priest: Magical attacks (if shadow, go easy with the DoT's), healing (in moderation).
    Death knight: Physical attacks (weapons), magical attacks.
    Paladin: magical attacks, physical attacks (weapons), healing (in moderation)
    Hunter: projectile attacks, physical attacks (less effective than projectile)
    Shaman: Magical attacks, physical attacks (weapons), healing (in moderation)

    Using Spells From the Game: There has been several complaints about this style of RPing, mainly because it is uncreative. If someone who never knew what World of Warcraft was, but ventured to our forums, and read an RP where two people were fighting, it would be a lot easier for them to understand what is happening if you describe what you are doing, instead of just naming off the spell. It takes longer, but it shows a higher level of RP ability and creativity. However, using in-game spells directly is not against the rules, but highly discouraged.

    Combat RP Ettiquete: If you know you are a person who cannot stand to lose, then do not participate in combat RP's. There are times when you CAN and WILL lose. If you decide to go ahead with participating, and you cause drama, there will be consequences.

    As well, RP combat is give and take. The winner is judged from who has beat the other tactically, not through spell locks, stuns, interrupts, or controlling tactics (kiting, for example), as used in game. Remember that you should always be in character. A person who easily looses his/her cool won't have a master tactical plan in the middle of combat. They would be too busy trying to slice their enemy in half or burn them to death.

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