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    [H] 3/13 Paralysis Recruiting - Cenarius

    Basic Information:
    Guild Name: Paralysis
    Server: Cenarius (PvE)
    Faction: Alliance
    Playstyle: 25 man Semi-Hardcore
    Timezone: PST
    Raid Time: Tues -Thurs 8PM-12AM PST
    Website: Paralysis-Cenarius.com

    Current Needs:
    Priest (All Specs)
    Druid (Balance/Resto)
    Paladin (Prot/Holy)

    Current Progression
    12/12 (N)
    3/13 (H)

    About the Guild:
    Paralysis is a high-end guild looking to progress into 25-man content and provide a fun, functional, and competitive raiding environment. We favor a strict, organized atmosphere, but also encourage our members to enjoy the little things.

    Loot System:
    We incorporate the EPGP loot system and award EP based on individual attendance as well as overall performance. Bonus EP is awarded for various guild efforts and on special occasions.

    What We Expect From You:
    A Mature, can-do attitude, along with a smart, adaptive play-style will get you far in this guild. Be independent and reliable. Log-on for raids on-time with proper consumables and enchants in-hand. Be prepared for, and understand each boss's mechanics. Gear may earn you a priority spot on the application list, but awareness, and knowledge of your class are our main concerns.

    Paralysis does not condone trolling, or any other disrespectful acts inside, or outside of the guild. We have a 0 tolerance policy, and are looking to bring respect, and nobility to the guild as a whole.

    Additional Info:
    All Applications are processed through our website listed above. If you don't see your class or role listed but are an exceptional player please feel free to also send an application.
    If you have any other questions please contact an officer in game or post in the public section of our forums located on our website. Thank you.

    -Aggrostix (GM)

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    Just bumping

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    We are still recruiting.

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