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    [ H ] <Pandorum - ( 7/13HM ) - OPEN Recruit for Firelands

    Pandorum is a mature 25 and 10 man endgame raiding guild on the Kil'Jaeden server. Pandorum offers its members a stable and progressive home. In order to achieve this, our members and applicants must mesh with the guild. This is an integral part of maintaining a strong community. We look for players with the skill and desire to push only the hardest of content. It is important to understand we adhere by strict guidelines and we ask that all of our members adhere to them also.

    We are seeking players who are not only competent and competitive, but dependable above all else in the long term. We want people to augment our already stellar roster. Pandorum is looking for self motivated players that continuously strive to better their play, while being able to put the guild first before their own needs. We are looking for players who are willing to challenge our current raiders for their raid spots.

    When you join <Pandorum> you are a representation of our guild, and you are expected to wear the name with pride and respect for yourself and others, both In-game and on forums. Simply put, we are searching for the best of the best. We are not looking for players who log on for raids and log off soon thereafter.

    Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 (3/4 Heroic)
    Blackwing Descent: 6/6 (4/6 Heroic)
    Throne of Four Winds: 2/2

    Weekday 25 Man: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11 pst
    Weekday 10 Man: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11 pst
    Weekend 10 Man: Fri/Sat 7-11pst and Sunday 5-9 pst

    Weekend 10 Man: Warrior Tank / Resto Shaman / Resto Druid / Mage / Holy&Disc Priest
    Weekday 10 Man: Pally Tank / Resto Shaman / Resto Druid / Mage / Lock / Melee DPS
    Weekday 25 Man: We have OPENED up recruitment for all skilled players who wish to push heroic content in Firelands. We are looking for talented players to help bolster our roster for the upcoming raids in Firelands.

    *A desire for success
    *You are extremely well-versed with your class
    *Situational awareness
    *Responsibility for your actions
    *Stable Internet Connection
    *You need to be able to pay attention for long periods of time
    *You need to be able to tolerate constructive criticism
    *Attendance (no less then 90%)

    * A tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress
    * A fun raid environment that's fairly laid back and casual while still pushing heroic content.
    * A stable, fun and welcoming guild atmosphere; we are drama free and personable.
    * Mature guild. No one under 18yrs of age.
    * A fair loot council that awards gear based on attendance and performance
    * An active group of players who sign on for more then just scheduled raids
    * Competitive progression with an extremely light raid schedule
    * A focused and efficient raid environment
    * Plenty of member incentives to ease the cost of mundane raiding expenses

    Think you would be a good fit? Please apply at our website

    Have questions?.
    Please contact Ruwon, Cupkate or Lockdwn
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    updated recruitment and progress woot

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    we need to fill our third group with exceptional players! come be a part of Pandorum HM progression!

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    updated recruitment

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    mindless self bump
    even if your class is not listed and you feel you have what it takes get in touch with me on Ruwon or send in an application

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    updated and bumped

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    bump. come get yourself a guaranteed spot in the 2nd weekday 10m and swan dive into awesome!

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    Bump and recruiting also for a third and possibly 4th 10man for heroic progression. come get some kills and have fun while doing so

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    Bump. 3rd group almost full, need imba healers (holy pally? disc/holy priest? resto druid!?)

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    ^ what tht guy said

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    shameless bump, still need us some top notch players who want to excel in heroic content! come apply, you've got nothing to lose!

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    LF Tanks and heals atm

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    High Need of resto Shamans and Holy/Disc Priests CORE SPOTS

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    Still High Need of resto Shamans and Holy/Disc Priests CORE SPOTS

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    Looking for Skilled PLayers to push HMs.

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    Looking for raid leader
    tank heals and select dps.
    also bumpdated

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    Looking For:
    Heals (Druid,Shaman,Priest)
    DPS (Ranged Preferred)
    One Skilled Raid Leader (Regardless of Class)

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    Looking for
    -Resto Shaman
    -Pally Tank
    -Holy/Disc Priest

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    Read Below
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