TehBoX on Stormscale (Alliance) is looking for quality players!
We are specifically looking for hunters, warlocks, and healing priests. However, we are open to all roles at the moment so if you are not one of the previous listed, please still apply!

Our resume includes:
Server First Heroic Chimaeron
Server First Nefarian
Server First Kingslayer 25+10 (pre-nerf 0% buff)
Server First Bane of the Fallen Lich King 10
ICC25 [12/12 HM] + Server First Frost Drake [Icebound Frostbrood Vanquished]
ICC10 [12/12 HM] + Server First Frost Drake [Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquished]
Ruby Sanctum25 Normal Cleared
Ruby Sanctum10 Heroic Cleared

Heroic 10-man: Tuesday - Thursday, 8pm-12am PST
Regular 10-man: Saturday & Sunday, 8pm-12am PST

If you think we'd be a great fit for your playing needs, please visit our website for more information. We are looking for reliable, dedicated, exceptional players who can demonstrate a broad understanding of their class and of PvE mechanics. Moreover, you should be able to take a joke and have a good sense of humor, but also be willing to take constructive criticism and communicate with the rest of the guild.

How to Apply:
Visit tehbox.net or find an officer in-game (Andabelle, Arbitrr, Brownnie, Pinatubo, & Whishann).