Troika is currently recruiting for Cataclysm raiding. Although we currently only have need for specific classes/roles, we will accept applications from exceptional players that would make a great fit for our guild. The members of Troika have been raiding together since March of 2006. We have seen ups and downs together, and throughout managed to stay the course. As a guild, we strive for endgame content. In the previous expansion, we ran primarily 25 man raids, while utilizing 10's for our alts on off-nights or when attendance may have fallen low here and there. This can occur occaisionally since we are a semi-casual guild that does not penalize our members for RL obligations. For the latest class needs, visit our recruitment forum using the guild site url provided at the end of this post.

Our current raiding needs are:

Tanks: Low to no current need (a skilled tank with a dps or heal offspec would still be considered).
Healers: High need for three to four skilled/experienced healers with preference to raid heals.
DPS: Looking to add a few skilled, dedicated DPS to the raid ranks.

<<<About Troika Raiding>>>

Troika uses a modified Shroud Loot System. We found that a true DKP point system does not work for us, so we chose what we felt was fair for our needs. Everyone in the raid earns points, but also those on stand-by also earn points as long as they make themselves available for the entire night.

Our raid schedule consists of Monday - Thursday, from 8pm until 11pm server, with invites starting at 7:45 each night. We do not have a raid attendance policy, but being available more often will earn you the rank of raider and give you priority over members. We also utilize the in-game calendar for raid signups.

<<<What We Want from You>>>

We are looking for dedicated raiders with at least a full zone of raid experience: Naxx, Ulduar, ToC...Even MC, BWL or AQ. Experience can make up for a lack of gear in most cases. As for gear we would like to see you coming in with the best you can, but raid performance speaks for more than your gear score.

We are looking for mature players, over the age of 18. Having a mature attitude is a plus along with a good sense of humor. We expect everyone to treat members and non-members with respect. You will find that the atmosphere we maintain for our members is one of friendship, support, and enjoyment.

Required mods for raiding only include Deadly Boss Mod or BigWigs, threat meter of your choice, and Ventrilo.

Troika is a semi-casual, mature, drama-free guild. We push ourselves to be the best at whatever it is we do, and we want others to be a part of that. If this sounds like the place for you then head over to:

for more information, or contact an officer in game.
Officers: Nemacyst (GM), Drunkengimp, Elendili, Gormenghast, Scullkrusch, Jdamm