Untitled is recruiting for some core raider slots! We're looking for a couple more people to fill out our raid roster for t11 raiding. We're a core content 25-man guild. Currently have downed 10/12 bosses, Conclave, Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Halfus, Double Dragon, Ascendant Council and Cho'Gall.

Having a raiding background is very preferred, though not necessarily required.

At the moment we need a variety of some solid DPS and a Resto Shaman.

We value personality (aka: Maturity) above all else in our recruits. If all you can do is brag about yourself, or pad the meters, then don't expect any better treatment then a swift (g)kick in the @$$.

Current Progression
Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Winds - 1/14/11

Bastion of Twilight
Halfus - 1/22/11
Valiona/Theralion - 1/29/11
Council - 2/19/11
Cho'gall - 3/12/11

Blackwing Descent
Magmaw - 1/15/11
Omnotron - 2/5/11
Maloriak - 2/5/11
Atramedes - 2/26/11
Chimaeron - 2/26/11

Feel free to toss me a tell in-game, or any of my officers, if you have any questions, or app on the website! Our raid times are Friday & Saturday @ 6pm. For loot we run EPGP.


GM - Ebrithil/Narda/Jierda/Skolir
Head Officer - Kamirek/Aldalor/Killergorila
Officer - Ayre/Sugarbush/Raighn
Officer - Moridinn/Moraines/Damandred
Officer - Talodie/Doturbooty
Offcier - Gelu/Vanhealn/Arsonistica/Swalowursoul/Gelo
Officer - Gitanya/Gitfire/Gitieup