<Oprah> is looking for a few quality raiders. We have an established 10 man core which is currently 7/13HM (12/12n), working on BWD/TOTFW Hardmodes. We are Currently looking to fill our 25 man roster.

Oprah was originally started as a 1 day a week casual/alt raiding guild in ICC;
We finished the expansion with 9/12 HM 25, 12/12hm 10 + Drakes.

With the start of Cataclysm we quickly rose in the ranks over the Holidays, and to keep up progression we transitioned to raiding 3 days a week: Wed, Thurs, Sat 6:30-11pm Server(Central)

Once our 10 man core was solidified, we were able to quickly knock out all normal modes and add them to Farm Status.

Apply at Oprah dot guildomatic dot com

Officers: Shadowjk(GM), Rekadin, Kashmiri, Kristell

Class Needs:


Dps (High)

Tank (high)


DPS (High)

Healing (High)

Death Knight

DPS (Low)

Tank (Medium)

Warlock (High)

Shaman (Low)


Tank (Med)

Hunter (Med)

Mage (Low)


Resto (High)

Balance (Low)

Feral dps/tank (Medium)

Rogue (Medium)

Regardless of current Recruitment needs we are Always Seeking exceptional applicants. If you feel you can unseat one of our core raiders, we encourage you to apply! Competition is always healthy.

We expect 100% attendance from our trials. As an Oprah raider, you are required to have strong knowledge of your Class (including offspecs),knowledge of Boss Mechanics and Strategies, and all necessary consumables (Flasks and Well Fed required) prior to raid.You must be able to accept criticism well as well as admit mistakes. You are expected to be flexible and open minded.

If you don't have all of following, you probably won't be a good fit for us:
-Pre-cata Raiding Experience
-At least 9/12 Cataclysm Raiding Experience
-2 Maxed Professions
-Exalted Reputation with Relevant Factions
-Optimally Gemmed, reForged, and enchanted
-Able to play more than one spec and change as needed

*Note: A 4th Raiding day (Sunday) may be added during intense progression*

After all is said and done, one would be hard pressed to find a group of people they couldn't fit in with. We frequently run old world content and plenty of heroics and PvP on off days... Overall we are a fairly active community. If, for any reason, you didn't pass your raiding trial, most times you would still be invited to stick around