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    I've been using a few Unconscious Dig Rat lately (sucks they're unique) to stack dark evangelism before some pulls, but to get a 5 stack of it, ES up, then stack more orbs, 3 in one of their spriests cases, no way. I see where it'd be possible to haul ass to Halfus after the previous trash to keep your orbs, but that wouldn't explain being able to keep up ES for 23-24 seconds without spending those orbs, like on those logs. Either a log glitch or someone's pulling Shenanigans.

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    Oh oh, was that log from before the "have group will summon" hotfix? They run out get their stuff, get summoned right as the boss is pulled..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solfire View Post
    Yah answer this question please... It's just that one log, all 3 spriests have everything at the start of the pull, but in their most recent log it's as normal. Was it a glitch?
    Quote Originally Posted by Solfire View Post
    Oh oh, was that log from before the "have group will summon" hotfix? They run out get their stuff, get summoned right as the boss is pulled..?
    this is after the hotfix and none of us are being summoned in right as we pull so it has to be a glitch, none of us are using rats or anything... we start the fight with 0 evangelism etc etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlybonne View Post
    ps: im doing about 38k dps on drakes 10man, half epic gear rep rewards and half heroic gear without di. simcraft says i should do 16.5k dps unbuffed solo and i do about 13.5k dps on dummy. is it realisticly posssible to achieve simcraft values?
    So you're doing 5k above the topSpriest on Wol, in half blues and no Di.
    Clearly legit.
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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    Any more tips for Atramedes Heroic? I pretty much was getting rocked by a Boomkin by a good margin. Is this just a good fight for boomkins?

    It seems like its really hard to find any time to stop and hard cast VT during air phase, might be my average connection. During air phase I was pretty much DP spamming and keeping SW:P up. On the ground, I know I can improve on my movement and also, our raid needs to group up tighter to help people not get caught ont he wrong side of breath and have to move with it.

    Any other bright ideas, past all that? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irony View Post
    So you're doing 5k above the topSpriest on Wol, in half blues and no Di.
    Clearly legit.
    Please see your avatar, and then see the rest of the thread.

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    Best is to see world of logs and look at your own class and the top shadow dpsers there, try to figure out yourself what to do when you see what spells has been used by them.
    there, now choose what kind of raid you wanna see, 10,10hc,25,25hc? and choose boss and push "more" then choose class.

    You can figure out stuff by yourself, just use da brain =)

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    simple answer is... if the bonus damage to vt from the proc outweighs the 1.5 seconds of mf'n you would loose then yes reapp it on a proc. this math assumes that you were reapping it over a freshly appd vt anyhow and the closer to the end of the old vt you would be reapp'n it over the less of a dps loss it becomes. idk if this makes sense? its hard to word it. but knowing when to reapp on procs is huge and anyone that tells you never is dead wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibprofin View Post
    Uhm don't listen to him. Dear priests everywhere, I know its hard, but learn to read. Our mastery does NOT increase dot damage. It only increases mind blast damage. Casting mind blast with any amount of orbs will give you empowered shadows, which gives you 20% dot damage regardless of mastery.
    your bad
    and you have too much static mastery if youre at 20% lol
    just to unprove your own point why dont you put up emp shadows when naked and see if its still 20%?
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    General tips:

    • Hope you have a warlock for Dark Intent. Hope he's affliction for a higher uptime on the buff. (Lots of locks are going Affliction in 4.1...)
    • Use a mod like ForteXorcist to monitor DOTs on multiple targets.
    • Haste, haste, haste.
    • I personally don't use a focus macro for multi-dotting.. Just either tab-target or click the other guy when needed. Personal preference and depends on how good you are with the camera.
    • Use to get exactly to the hit cap and maximize haste. Set haste weight to 100, crit to 50, zero out everything else, hit to exactly 1742 and run it. We have the luxury of being able to use spirit and hit rating, and it makes getting EXACTLY to the hit cap very easy.
    • If a target is up, will be living for at least 15 seconds and it's okay to throw damage on it, get at least VT on it. (There are exceptions to this rule of course but.. Most of the time it's good)
    • Stack buffs at ideal times, but don't sacrifice cooldowns too long for the sake of aligning stars.

    Regardless of what myself or anyone else says in this thread though, there are things that cannot be taught or controlled such as:

    • Amount of prior gaming experience
    • Proficiency with mouse/keyboard
    • Reflexes
    • Comfort with an encounter
    • The way at which your guild executes an encounter
    • RNG
    • If your guild has you do extra things on the fight other than DPS.

    Some of these things you can change with time, some you can't. Practice, practice and practice some more is the only way to get really good.. Reading this thread and executing on some of these tips within will definitely help though.

    I have ranked on every fight we've done so far (sans al'akir, we never do him).. Two of them are #1 rankings and eight are in the top 20.. Feel free to look me up or ask me questions in game...

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